1. Selection of right study program. 

It is very important to understand what is the exact course you are looking forward to take admission and what is the future goal after selection the course. It is very important to keep the above things in mind and making selection according to the future goals and ambitions. 

2. Eligibility criteria and last date of application

It is most important to check the eligibility criteria of the school before application. All the minimum basic requirements need to be fulfilled before application of made otherwise the application maybe rejected. It is also important to made the application within the time frame as issues be the school failing to do so may lead to non acceptance of your application even though you meet all criteria for admission. 

3. Supporting letter for ICSE schools in thane west

It is important to write a supporting letter along with application giving brief details about you, past experiences, qualifications, achievement, expertise etc. it is important to give a clear picture about yourself and your vision, expectations  and requirements from the institute. 

4. Recommendations

It is very helpful and supportive document even it comes to applying for any course. Recommendation from your teachers and headmasters make great impact on the application. It is always preferred to submit it along with your application.  

5. Registration and Preparation for entrance exams

Some institutes may require you to undergo an examination for procuring admission to their institute. It is required to apply for the entrances examination online and procure minimum score to be eligible to apply for admission. So it is better to be well prepared with all the subjects which are required to be studied to successfully clear the entrance examination. 

6. Costing and finances

It is always better to be prepared mentally and financially before application for admission as most of the institutes take fees will in advance for the year or the entire course.