Even though The Elder Scrolls Online only has two Companions currently available, Millie than Bastian. But players prefer Millie.

The Elder Scrolls Online will provide some companions to help players on their adventures. Players will spend ESO Gold to make expeditions easier. From loyal lords like Whiterun’s Lydia to fearsome daemons disguised as dogs, they offer unique dialogue options, quests, and protection in the more challenging parts of the game.

While The Elder Scrolls Online has captured the best that single-player offers successfully executing the follower mechanic in multiplayer is understandably more difficult. In order to solve such difficulties, players can prepare more ESO Gold. There are currently two companions available for players to choose from, with the other two coming in the upcoming episodes of High Island.

The two peers available in ESO differ from each other, each offering benefits and frustrating behavior. Mirri Elendis is a dark elf nightblade with a wealth of stealth abilities, while Bastian Hallix is an imperial dragon knight who likes to be number one in any battle. While both are well on their own and can outsmart the other in certain scenarios, Mirri is a smart choice for most of the game’s myriad activities.

Her unique ability, Millie’s Specialty, is a bonus skill that increases the chance of finding additional loot in treasure chests found on the map or on land by 30%. Unlike other MMOs, many materials and inventory items in ESO are scarce. Individually, these rewards are small, but spread across hundreds of individual loot. The increase in rewards is huge. Players can also get some ESO Gold rewards.

There’s a lot to like about both in terms of the overall utility of each companion, but Mirri is once again stronger in the wider scene. Mirri has a significant boost to DPS and can be a very effective healer if set up correctly. Bastian is a tank through and through, and he can help players get through some of the most challenging encounters while equipping heavy gear. Mirri’s ability to handle all situations comprehensively makes her an even stronger partner.

No matter which companion the player chooses, each companion has its own usefulness. Typically, Mirri is still the more innovative and practical option. If players want more ESO Gold, they can go to IGGM. Players can also get the latest game information and helpful guides there.