You've undoubtedly heard of and perhaps experienced LA-style Korean barbeque. It's become a global craze, and the necessary sauces and marinades can be found in the Korean grocery store. In certain circumstances, there are intriguing taste overlaps between Korean and Western-style food, and you may spice up your cooking using Korean products. 


Although BBQ sauce and mustard come to mind immediately, food experts usually agree that Korean food gets fiery just right with more subtle and nuanced taste characteristics. If you're becoming tired of your home cooking, try something new. The sauce adds flavor to the barbecue, and the Korean version includes vinegar, soy sauce, and chili sauce. 


Giving BBQ items a hotter flavor makes them more attractive in a variety of ways, and when you switch back and forth between American and Korean sauces, your meals will stay attractive. You may create the sauce at home using any of the popular recipes available online, or you can buy it ready-made from a Korean store. 


The same is true with Korean mustard paste, which may be used in place of western mustard on certain items. Its spicy flavor makes it a popular choice for many people who appreciate trying new things. Korean red peppers have a fiery, sweet, and slightly smoky flavor that people all around the globe like. 


They are milder than hot peppers cultivated elsewhere and maybe dried and incorporated into a variety of dishes. They are used in Korean chili sauce and flavored pastes, which are used to swiftly and easily season a variety of cuisines. 


The way to incorporate them into more of your cooking is to have them on hand so you can begin experimenting. Following recipes is fun but try new flavors and combinations that suit your family's tastes. When you shop at a Korean market routinely and begin to sample the options, you'll expand your cooking repertoire.