These days, phrases like personal growth, self-development, Help With Assignment and self-improvement are popular. The significance of these phrases went overlooked for years. When people's life aspirations were solely focused on improving their grades, passing exams, and landing better-paying professions. Today, however, the entire planet is undergoing a great awakening. People today not only understand why personal development is so important, but they actually take classes, read books, and practise self-improvement on a regular basis. 

Why should you enrol in personal development classes?
Personal development can help you grow regardless of your age. First and foremost, it aids in the development of self-awareness, Speech Writer which is something that the majority of us are unaware of. It becomes simpler to face life's obstacles after you have a better understanding of your thoughts, personality, and feelings.

Mental well-being is the second and most significant part of personal development. It has been discovered that self-improvement has a good effect on people's mental health. Our personal development path teaches us how to better manage our emotions. 

Finally, personal development improves our interpersonal interactions. It aids us in overcoming our irritability, overthinking, and insecurities. It reminds us of the value of connections. We prefer to accept individuals for who they are as we begin to develop ourselves.

The list of advantages of personal development is endless. We should consider ourselves fortunate that we now have access to a variety of chances for personal development through online courses. Expert psychologists, Paper Writing Service scientists, and sociologists can teach us how to improve our lives for improved mental health and relationships.

10 FREE Personal Growth Courses that Can Change Your Life


  1. The Science of Well-Being

Offered by: Yale University 

Available at: Coursera


Want to gain the skills of gratitude, happiness and meditation? Take up this 19-hour long course and find awareness about how you can increase your own happiness, build productive habits and incorporate wellness activities in your life. The syllabus of this course includes some insightful topics like ‘misconceptions about happiness’, ‘why we mispredict what makes us happy’ and ‘what actually makes us happy.’


  1. Writing for Self-Discovery: 6 Journaling Prompts for Gratitude and Growth

Offered by: Skillshare Original

Available at: Skillshare


Journalling is a powerful tool that can enhance our well-being, cultivate confidence and increase mindfulness. In this course, you will get six powerful writing prompts that will open up your mind and help you overcome mental biases. You will also get a printable journal and a class project. This course is just 1-hour 9-minute long and includes some effective self-development tools like writing to your younger self, brain dump exercise and working through regret.


  1. Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential

Offered by: McMaster University

Available at: Coursera


We live in an informational age where we are constantly consuming information. We need the information to grow in our careers. We need the information to initiate small talks at the office. But how do we make sure that we are learning quickly and retaining all the information we receive? Assignment Provider This course will explain it all. Whether it be online learning or working with mentors, this course will teach you how to make the most of it and ‘fit’ in this fast-paced world. You will be learning the Pomodoro Technique and some essential terms like Meta-learning in this course.


  1. Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills

Offered by: University of Pennsylvania

Available at: Coursera


Resilience is what gives us psychological strength during tough times. Whether it be stress, anxiety or hardships in life, it is our resilience that helps us cope. This 16 hours course is designed by experts to help you build this quality of resilience. You will learn how to manage stress and anxiety by understanding the factors that trigger them. You will also learn how to use your resilience skills in various personal and professional scenarios.


  1. Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World

Offered by: University of Groningen

Available at:


Do you know that an average adult makes 35,000 conscious decisions each day? From deciding when to wake up in the morning to what we are going to eat, what shoes we will be wearing to where we will be going out at the weekend, there are numerous decisions to be made every day. But when the time comes, and we have to make some critical decisions in our lives, we panic. This course will help you overcome this factor and become a better decision-maker in life.

  1. Real Productivity: How to Build Habits That Last

Offered by: Skillshare Original

Available at: Skillshare


Do you always want to build great habits? Join this course and build habits that you can keep throughout your life. This step-by-step class will teach you how to set realistic goals, Assignment help the plan of action to reach your goals, habit tracking and reflection and how you can take ownership of your habits. The lessons of this course include why being perfect should not be your goal, determining your goals, using external systems to fulfil your goals, and reflecting upon your goals.


  1. Finding Purpose and Meaning In Life: Living for What Matters Most

Offered by: University of Michigan

Available at: Coursera


Are you finding a purpose in life? What does it mean to live life purposefully? What is it that matters the most in our lives? Find answers to questions like these in this 9-hour long course. By pursuing this course, you will understand why it is important for you to have a strong purpose in life, how can you create your purpose in life and what skills you need to stay connected to your purpose in life despite the distractions. You will learn how our purpose organises and changes our lives for good.


  1. Motivation Mastery: How to get and stay Motivated

Offered by: Skillshare

Available at: Skillshare


Do you often lack the motivation to do things that you should be doing? Stella, a psychology assignment help expert, suggests that if you want to overcome procrastination and feel motivated all the time you need to work upon the mental barriers first and not only physical or social barriers. This course will teach you how to achieve that. You will learn whether you are unknowingly sabotaging yourself and how you can use the world around you to keep yourself motivated.


  1. Psychology of Personal Growth

Offered by: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Available at: edX


This is a 6-weeks long course that will help you become who you are. The course covers major factors that contribute to the personal growth of a human being such as emotions, personality, new experiences, relationships and culture. You will learn about the various methods to study your personal growth, how you can describe yourself using various perspectives and how culture plays a role in defining yourself.


  1. Hidden Secrets Of Psychology - Why Do People Do The Things They Do?

Offered by:

Available at:


This is a beginner level course that will help you understand the psychology behind why people do different things. You will be learning the importance of self-image, factors that drive motivation, and banishing personal illusions. You will no more be a prisoner of your past and will be able to break free from your virtual reality.


These were some of the best Free personal growth courses available online that hold the potential to change your lives forever. All you need to do is figure out which aspect of personal development you want to study first. You must remember that no matter how old you get, personal growth is still possible. Just take a step towards it and experience massive changes in your life.