How to pick the best-rated vacuum cleaner for your car

This writing is for those people who are tired of pet hair, dust, and dirty road trip rubbish lying around their car. You might not notice it, but your car gets almost the same volume of foot traffic as your house but in a more concentrated space. So, it’s required to vacuum your car interior as often as your living area. To get the job done, this is the ultimate guide for you to select the best vacuum on the market for your car.

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Type of car vacuums

  • Dry or wet?

All vacuum cleaners are built to handle all kinds of dry material like sand, dust, paper, and hair. But a “dry” vacuum cannot help you with the “wet” cleaning tasks. If your car interior usually gets drink spills, liquid from baby foods, and mud or snow, an ordinary vac may not be sufficient enough. You need an integrated “wet and dry” feature to have some extra wet wiping capability that brings a significant difference to remove all those liquid spills.

  • Shop vac

A shop vacuum is usually found in automotive shops or garages rather than at home. The typical design differentiates it from other types on the market. There are 3 main separate parts in a shop vac: an on-the-ground base, a large tank to collect debris and dust, and a hose to vacuum. It usually comes with some additional features including dry and wet cleanup capability, easy-to-maneuver wheels, and a draining system at the bottom to unload the liquid.

  • Handheld vacuums

A handheld vac is an optimal choice for portability and convenience. It is not as strong as an upright or a canister, but it satisfies drivers with how quick and easy their car vacuuming task can be. Moreover, it comes with a lot of extra features, such as a wide range of hose attachments, automobile auxiliary power outlet (formerly known as cigar lighter receptacle or cigar lighter socket), “wet and dry” capability, as well as cord-free and battery-powered alternatives.


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Main features for consideration

  • Attachments

The best collection of hose attachments, which often goes with a decent handheld vac, consists of a flexible range of utility nozzles. Typically, there are a lot of corners and edges in the car interior so some nozzles, such as a crevice tool, won’t get stuck like other attachments like the gulpers do, and help to agitate the carpet and get the rocks and dirt that get embedded.

  • Power source

The strongest connection to power is plugging a vac into the wall. However, it is only ideal for garage use. To clean your car while traveling, a cleaner with a 12-volt, DC plug will get the benefit from the car’s automobile auxiliary power outlet. Outpacing all other models in terms of portability, a battery-powered machine doesn’t demand any cord at all but requires frequent recharge.

  • Storage tank

This might not be the most important consideration when choosing a vac for your car. However, the storage tank’s capacity will determine the size of the vacuum, which would matter if your car is not big enough to store it. Some drivers clean up their car interior whenever they have a break or even when traveling, so it would be better if they could clean up the mess whenever and wherever it is convenient.

A final word

It would be ideal if your home vacuum could be used for cleaning your car, rather than spending time and money finding a second one for your vehicle. However, in most cases, an ordinary home vacuum might be too massive for it. Besides the considerations mentioned to choose the  best rated vacuum cleaners on the market for your car, you might think about other things, such as vacuum life, power plug, vacuuming location, etc.