The new love of layer peak collectors! Patek Philippe's first 1/10-second monopusher chronograph 5470P-001

Patek Philippe Complications Ref. 5172G 5172G-010

When everyone thought that the 2022 W&W had come to an end, Patek Philippe launched the complication masterpiece Ref.5470P-001 without warning, and this is the first 1/10-second single-button chronograph. This watch is 41mm in diameter, made of platinum, with a blue varnished dial, red hands, and a very young leather strap with red stitching. It can be said to be a very modern and sporty top chronograph. . Since the 1/10-second single-button chronograph is the first complication seen in PP, many designs have attracted the attention of the market. The watch uses a new high-frequency 5Hz manual winding movement CH 29-535 PS 1/10. The unique feature of this movement is that it uses two independent chronograph second devices, one for seconds and 30-minute jumps. Operation, another set is dedicated to measuring and displaying 1/10 of a second, that is, one revolution around the dial every 12 seconds. This 1/10-second hand runs synchronously with the regular chronograph second hand, which is quite special.

Ref. 5470P-001 Diameter 41mm, 950 platinum case/CH 29-535 PS 1/10 hand-wound movement/time indication, 1/10-second chronograph/minimum power reserve 48 hours/sapphire crystal, transparent Bottom cover (gold bottom cover is available for conversion) / Water resistant to 30 meters.replica luxury watches

First of all, in order to improve the legibility of the watch and allow collectors to quickly read 1/10 of a second, general seconds and minutes, the brand conceived a patented system to display the measured seconds and time on the surface in concentric circles. seconds. Therefore, the new watch has two central chronograph seconds hands, each driven by an independent device, one of which circles every 60 seconds to show the seconds of time in the traditional way, and the other red lacquered hand circles every 12 seconds. Generally, the chronograph second hand moves five times faster, and passes through 12 equal parts on the scale, and each equal part is displayed in 1/10 units. The watch owner can follow the bead-shaped mark to read the actual seconds, and then look at the outer track scale, and check the relevant pointer from the previous red mark to indicate the actual consumption of 1/10 of a second. There is an attached display panel at the three o’clock position on the surface, showing a thirty-minute instantaneous jump calculator, which measures the minute value in a short time.

The CH 29-535 PS 1/10 movement is composed of 396 parts, but its diameter is the same as the CH 29-535 PS movement, and the thickness is only slightly increased to 6.96mm. The most attractive thing about the movement is that this movement is the first time that the brand has used the Oscillomax®, the development results of advanced technology research, in a mass-produced model since the launch of the Ref. 5550P "Advanced Technology Research" series of perpetual calendar replica watches for sale in 2011. . The Oscillomax® combination includes patented components such as Silinvar® technology, Spiromax® hairspring, Pulsomax® escapement and Gyromax® balance wheel. The entire combination has as many as 17 patents, and the shape is also very special. In addition, once the chronograph second hand device is activated, the 1/10-second drive gear (circling once per minute) will mesh with the 1/10-second ten-lobe gear. The latter rotates five times faster because it circles every 12 seconds, so the brand is also special. The 1/10-second ten-lobe gear is made in a fine meshing mode to reduce the appearance of backlash. In addition, new designs such as shock-absorbing hooks and other shock-absorbing systems are used to ensure the stability of the chronograph movement during rapid operation. The new Ref. 5470P has a total of 31 patented technologies, 7 of which are due to the previous new device.

The 1/10 red second hand is also made of Silinvar®, which is made of silicon, so it consumes half the energy of ordinary brass hands. A pusher at 2 o'clock executes start, stop and reset commands in succession. Like all Patek Philippe platinum timepieces, the reference 5470P-001 is adorned with a round flawless diamond between the lugs at six o'clock. The watch is paired with a dark blue calfskin strap with a raised fabric pattern, red decorative stitching to match the color of the surface, and a platinum folding clasp fastened on the wrist for a comfortable ironing.

The watch has a sporty appearance, with a rounded case and the same body design as the Ref.5370 two-hand chronograph chronograph. Characteristically, the concave bezel blends smoothly with the slightly domed sapphire crystal. The side of the watch is concave, showing the effect of grinding; the lugs have a delicate arc, and the two ends of the spring rod are decorated with cabochons.Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds