If you're a big Lost Ark fan, you should know that South Vern introduces a brand new storyline, as well as several new Una missions, new NPCs and rewards, two separate post-campaign stories, hidden missions, and more. To learn more about Lost Ark, visit MMOWTS, where players can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold.

These quests all offer excellent rewards for players who manage to complete them, but some of the activities are intertwined and have vague prerequisites. There may be a wait to reach Lost Ark South Vern, depending on how hard the Lost Ark Gold player is working on item level polishing. Since the level requirements to trigger the initial quest are quite high, it's best for players to level up their character as much as possible.

Players may want to complete some free Ark Pass quests to get the honing materials needed for higher item levels. This may be easier and more rewarding than challenging the only Chaos dungeon added in this latest update. As with all of Lost Ark's endgame content, players need to be level 50 to sail to South Vern.

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Players will also need to complete the North Vern and Punika questlines and have an item level of at least 1,​​340. If the player has not completed the quest, they can complete Guardians of the Lost Ark and Abyssal Raid for better drops or enough materials to upgrade the player's gear. Players don't want to be tempted by the new Super Express missions, which boost the player's character to 1,000 item level, primarily for leveling up alternate characters without using the Power Pass. MMOWTS makes it easy for players to Get Lost Ark Gold without too much money.

When players meet these requirements, they can open the quest menu in the Guides tab. Players will then see a purple quest called "South Vern". Accept it, then head back to the Magical Guild at Vern Castle to start the process, which will take the player to South Vern. Neria will offer the quest "Into the Chaos" after completing the last South Vern quest, but only if the player has also completed the Isteri Island main quest.

If players can successfully complete these tasks, then players will have the opportunity to get rich rewards. In order to successfully complete the mission, many experienced veteran players will prepare enough Lost Ark Gold in advance, and then purchase powerful equipment in the game to increase their advantage.  MMOWTS is also aware of this, so they are selling Lost Ark Gold at the lowest price on the market.