Much has been said about NBA 2K22's NBA 2K22 MT extremely sexy product placement and obnoxious, constantly urging players to spend extra money, particularly within MyCareer. Both are, in clear words, inconsiderate to the game's veteran players as well as anyone who spent the sum of $70 (or more) for the game in its base version.

However, at the very least MyCareer, which in NBA 2K21 adds MMO-like quests and a host of off-court targets as well as gives me the impression that I'm playing a game that's designed to make me rich -similar to the huge sport industry. Furthermore, it provides me with the impression I'm acting out of my personal desires is acceptable and understandable as long as it's also supported.

The character that plays in MyCareer will 2K MT be constantly scrolling through the fake Twitter feed (whose authentic tone, also stands out above other shows' attempts) and they'll see supporters pleading their position in the midst of a debate as much as they'll be able to see get-off-my-lawn-grand like Perkins chiding them for not doing anything but being happy. You'll have a personal assistant and also a choice of two agencies to represent you. All of them created my "Social Samurai" action as I called for more time on the field appear to make good business sense.