If you are familiar with law and order, it is not surprising. Special Victim Unit: In this show, which airs 21 seasons on NBC, the character is currently stuck on the edge of the Cliffhanger. In the latest episode of SVU, a member of the New York Police Department's sex crime unit, under the command of Captain Olivia Benson, put a teenage girl on track and groomed her, and finally sexually abused a mysterious billion. Investigate the elders law order special victims unit review . The story is stunning in its outline, and the detective spends the episode steadily in a proceeding against Jeffrey Epstein-inspired tycoon and his Ghislaine Maxwell-inspired assistant. But even if you're familiar with reality, the conclusions won't surprise you: the millionaire buys his way. The detective continues to monitor the attendance of both the victim of his abuse and the power broker whose loyalty came at the purchase price while he partyed on the yacht.

However, the party turned out not to be the final scene of the episode. Instead, the show added another twist. The father of two girls abused by a millionaire pursues Amanda Rollins, one of the detectives working on her daughter's case. Distraught and desperate, he points his gun at his head.

Also, certain recklessness pervades some of SVU's attempts to create "headline-drawn" stories. Season 15 episodes mix the murder of Trayvon Martin with the controversy over the use of slurs by celebrity butter chef Paula Deen. Instead of touching on the ectenia of injustices faced by blacks, such as how the judicial system is designed to fail black youth, SVU has so far claimed the murderer's self-defense by George Zimmerman. It provides a completely unrealistic view that it is much more effective than it had in. But police and district attorneys are almost ridiculously eager to put it under control. Then, to insult the injury, Ice-T's Odafin "Fin" Chutuora stands up and is treated to the scene of a black detective defending the NYPD's Stop and Frisk practice.

The same sensation of clumsy oversimplification and the use of color characters to protect NYPD pervades "Amaro's One Eighty" (Season 15, Episode 11), which depicts police shootings by a young black man. .. The story follows Detective Amaro (Danny Pino), who inevitably leads the audience to the police side, rather than a bullet-paralyzed unarmed teenager.

This is what continuous predators do. They find a way to be their "friends", they activate charm, allow the masses to deceive both their victims and everyone around them, and they attack. increase.

It's very easy to link this to the Larry Nassar / USA Gymnastics scandal. Karolyis was abusive in so many ways. Nasar didn't have to do much to gain the trust of the athlete. And he was able to do whatever he wanted to do. For decades. To hundreds of young girls. (Reference: He literally won the trust of McKayla Maroney's bread.)

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Even the police trying to find justice for his daughter and many others have no punishment for being an authoritarian father, being too aggressive. Law and Order: Even with SVU, there is no way to prosecute without reporting. And yet, the law is inadequate in both fiction and reality. So, for Jenna, no matter how afraid she was for her father, no one came to save her. Even Olivia Benson in her full superhero costume. Jenna never escaped from her father's temperament and dominant nature, except for the life shown to her by a predatory politician.