The first Maze Runner took action immediately, leaving no solution other than the hero escaping the maze. This loose adaptation of the second book also eliminates the frills of the beginning and end and runs with Dylan O'Brien's Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. -Outscorch and desert fringe gang maze runner the scorch trials review. Spielberg, colorful characters (Giancarlo Esposito is a quirky gangster, Alan Tudyk runs a decadent nightclub at the end), and nods in a thoughtful moment in chaos. So it's in the middle of a terribly incomplete chapter, but at least it's never boring.

Brief Summary: In the first movie, the protagonist Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) is a kind of country camp, called Grade, sealed in a huge maze full of teens and huge creatures. I woke up without remembering. .. Eventually, a few friends, including Thomas and Grade's first prisoner, Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), ran away from the labyrinth, but on a large scale to find out why they had deadly immunity. It turned out to be the subject of various experiments. The virus wiped out most of what was left to humanity after the solar flare (!) That destroyed civilization.

When the scorch trial begins, Thomas and his friends are taken to another secret facility run by WCKD, the organization behind the maze, along with the children who survived the maze. This group is under the supervision of Janson (Aidan Gillen, receiving a salary to play Little Finger on the science fiction stage). But it won't be long before children realize that they are being prepared for a more horrifying experiment instead of the promised new home. So they fled to the scorching wasteland, the home of the victims of the scorching heat, the devastated city, and the fast-moving zombie-like virus known as Crank, and answered. In search of trying to overtake Jansson and others. ..

As the de facto leader of the group, O'Brien infused Thomas' role with some definitive Stoicism that seemed to have evolved little since the franchise's first article, hiding emotions rather than showing them. Depends on. Janson is the main threat to Gladers, and Gillen shows the duplication needed as a WCKD agent whose mission is to extract information from Gladers and prepare for the next ominous stage of trials. Clarkson's steel-like Ava Paige, who dominates the ultimate fate of the maze runner, provides timely details on why behind her imprisonment, but their hostility is highly impersonal. Targeted and almost theoretical.

From a cinematic point of view, Ball seeks to maintain its commitment by borrowing from the dramatic and suspenseful horror genre and providing different combinations of threats and unique style treatments in each successive setting. This technique adds visual versatility, but gives the sequence a distinctly episodic quality that is not particularly cohesive and only irregularly gains momentum. Impressions are enhanced by inconsistent visuals that undermine Daniel's imaginative production design. T. Drance.