During my vacation, I took out my laptop and sandwiched it between my parents and turned on the episode "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaji." It has become our nightly routine and a way to connect through shows that really make sense to us patriot act with hasan minhaj review. I always laughed more than they did, but in the end they would demand another episode.

One of the most unique and uncompromising shows in existence, the Patriot Act, has been canceled this week as Netflix has renewed shows such as "Riverdale" and "Love Is Blind." hard. The Emmy, two Webby and Peabody award-winning political comedy shows on Netflix for nearly two years felt to be one of the most serious parts of the Internet. Throughout the weekly episodes, the Patriot Act focused on underrated stories, seized opportunities, and followed its own rules.

In the tide of broken news, he told power the truth. One episode criticized Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman after the murder of post-columnist Jamal Khashoggi. This episode was eventually removed from Saudi Arabia's streaming service. The other was considered controversial about discussing corruption and religious nationalism in Indian elections. The show has also created a website that not only reports news, but actually provides solutions and helps people file tax returns for free and raise funds to protect the Amazon rainforest. bottom.

But in applying it to the Patriot Act, I didn't point my finger at Minhaji as Stewart and Tucker Carlson did (and insulted) each other. On the contrary, the Patriot Act is one of the most positive and attention-grabbing cases of information and entertainment that late-night television has long seen. And yes, the comedian's previous daily show experience puts him honestly in the midst of a feud between Stewart and Carlson and the genre that characterizes it, but it defines his escape. Was also useful.

Think in terms of gender. Unlike The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and other long-running talk shows, the Daily Show was about introducing celebrity guests in front of an audience, primarily for an hour's scheduled conversation, but The Daily Show is infotainment. Was selected. Sure, Stewart (and now Trevor Noah) still had guests, but many other crafts such as house bands, musical guests, short soliloquy, etc. are gone. Instead, above all, with more or less many jokes, there was a program that wanted to talk about the current state of the political world.

The Patriot Act does the same, despite less holdover from its predecessor's talk show. Like the Daily Show alumni John Oliver and Samantha Bee last week tonight and the Full Frontal, the Minhaji show dropped everything but the theme. I consciously cut down all of this against the backdrop of interviews, desks, and the cityscape. "I clearly showed that I didn't want to sit behind a desk facing the city skyline," he told Time. "The moment people turned on the screen, they were like," Oh, that's John Oliver, the Indian. " "

Virtually every detail feels modern, from striding Minhaji to a short segment of whitewashed portrait of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's "bad" American Indians. "Trump employs more Indians than any TV show," Minhaji points out, using the myth of model minority as an example of an Asian-American villain like shameful pharmaceutical company executive John Kapoor. I broke it implicitly. Perhaps some American Indians are expected to rise to the highest ranks of American business. However, according to Minhaji, he is also dissatisfied with his ankle monitor interfering with his jogging routine. "Isn't that the man's biggest shit?"

Minhaj has been a natural performer since the early days of The Daily Show and showed his emotional storytelling tips at his spectacular 2017 Netflix Special Homecoming King. (His series of projects on streaming sites make comedians feel like Netflix's latest talented poachers.) Given the informal ending of the Wolf and Chelsea Handler shows, the Patriot Act is At least as a matter of fact, I still feel a little dangerous. But as a showcase from a new perspective, I already feel it is important.