A swan thought to be one of the UK's oldest has died after a suspected collision with power lines.

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A member of the public found the male Icelandic whooper swan, thought to be 29 years old, in Pembrokeshire.

Other swans, thought to be joining it on a flight to Iceland, were circling above the stricken bird when it was found on 1 April, the RSPCA said.

It was taken to a nearby rescue centre, but was put down after X-rays revealed it had a fractured spine and ribs.

But the RSCPA said it took "some solace" that the swan's pain and suffering was not prolonged.

The UK's previously oldest known swan, called Pickles, died at Leeds Castle last year aged 30.

Both birds were whooper swans which have yellow and black beaks, in contrast to the mute swan's orange and black.

The unnamed creature was ringed in Iceland in 1996 at the age of three. It was found injured in Letterston, south of Fishguard.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Ellie West said: "It's so amazing to think this beautiful bird, one of the oldest Icelandic whooper swans on record, has been potentially migrating between Iceland and west Wales for decades."

According to the British Trust of Ornithology, whoopers typically live to the age of nine but it has records of one living more than 28 years after first being ringed.