Whether it is chenille carpet fabric or flannel or coral fleece fabric, it will become dirty after a period of use and needs to be cleaned, which is very simple for a person who often does housework. But it does seem a little difficult for some people, so let's learn about carpet cleaning skills.

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the fluff of the carpet daily is easy to accumulate dust, especially on wool carpets with long fluff. The vacuum cleaner is a good helper to deal with the dust hidden in the carpet. First, use a vertical vacuum cleaner to clean a large area of ​​​​the carpet, and perform the first step of dust removal; then use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to carefully treat places where dust is particularly serious, such as under the coffee table, corners, bedsides, and carpet edges. Clean thoroughly. Using the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet must be regular and quantitative, with perseverance! If the dust is not cleaned for a long time, the surface of the carpet will change color and deteriorate. Once mildew spots appear, it will be too late to clean.
  2. Dry cloth tissue paper to remove stains Sometimes coffee, cola or juice, and other beverages are accidentally spilled on the carpet. For such small area stains, use a dry cloth or tissue paper to absorb the moisture immediately, and then dip it with vinegar. With a damp and dry cloth, dab on the stain. The smudges on the carpet can be wiped off with a few more pats. Do not take broken glass fragments by hand. Use a broom to sweep out large fragments, and stick small particles with large adhesive tape, or use damp cotton to pick them up, and then shake them on the balcony to shake off the fragments.
  3. Warm water and vinegar to remove odor

    Pet odor may be that many friends have pets at home, especially in winter, many friends may like to sit on the carpet and play with dogs. However, even dogs who take a bath often will have some odors that will remain on the carpet. . If it is not cleaned in time, it will be particularly embarrassing when guests come to the house. In this case, we can add vinegar to an appropriate amount of warm water, then soak a clean rag in the warm water, wring the rag dry after a while, and wipe the whole thing on the floor once or twice. Remember to dry the carpet when you're done. These home carpet cleaning methods are practical and easy to learn.

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