New World players have been having fun in many different ways, and everyone can do what they want. Players can explore a number of build options in the game, as well as use gems to make hybrid builds more reliable. If players want to use New World Coins to buy their favorite items in the game, they should first get enough New World Coins from

Since positioning and range are very important elements in New World gameplay, players can also experiment with changing styles to Buy New World Coins improve efficiency. Some players are so fond of crafting and collecting skills that it's entirely possible to reach level 60 without killing anything, especially given that tutorials can be skipped.

Also, Faction Wars and Outpost Rush are another great way to level up, as PvP usually offers more of an experience than PvE. There are also players who never joined one of the game's three factions throughout the experience, reaching level 60 without completing some quests.

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Players found themselves jumping off a cliff and activating a Hatchet ability called Sprint Attack, which allows the player to jump forward and attack twice. Killing turkeys unlocks one of the many achievements in the game, and will be awarded the title Turkey Terminator after killing 100 turkeys in total.

Since it only takes a player 1 XP to kill a normal turkey with an axe, they can level up and reach level 60 this way. In addition, more New World Coins will also give players a bigger advantage. If players are missing New World Coins in the game, they can buy some from  NewWorldCoins for a little money.