Again, running headlong for a top PC is not worth it. First you need to decide what exactly to mine. A computer is not always required for cryptocurrency mining : in some cases it is more profitable to purchase a so-called ASIC. This is a device designed to perform cryptographic calculations in order to mine coins.

Unlike PCs, ASICs can do nothing else, but miners have appreciated their efficiency. Although miracles of economy and comfort should not be expected: they are also gluttonous in terms of electricity, make a lot of noise and heat up, and often require an additional power supply. In addition, ASICs do not know how to mine some cryptocurrencies, and it is not so easy to figure out how to set them up from scratch. So just keep in mind that they are there, but you should only switch to using them after you have already mastered mining on a regular PC.

Note that it is preferable to mine on a 64-bit operating system. Therefore, we recommend installing it as a second OS on a PC if you have 32-bit by default.

Next, to decide whether you need to buy additional GPUs at all, a new PC or the notorious ASIC, you should calculate the possible expenses and find out how much income you can expect with this or that equipment. For this, most sites dedicated to cryptocurrency mining have special calculators.

Most of the variables in the calculator are entered manually, which allows you to make an individual calculation for a specific situation. That is, by entering the parameters of your PC, local electricity rates and selecting the desired cryptocurrency, you will receive information about how many coins and for what period of time you can earn "clean" - minus electricity costs. If the result with the current parameters does not suit you, try entering others to select the device that is most suitable in terms of price-earnings and calculate how soon it will pay off if the coin does not fall.