There are numerous ships offered for players to the open seas of Arkesia in Lost Ark, each with a different result. Eurus & Astray Ship is probably the best, but they are tough to acquire. Hence, we've put together a guide describing the treatment to get the Eurus & Astray Ship in Lost Ark.

How to Obtain the Eurus Ship in Lost Ark?

Eurus Ship

Here's how to obtain the Eurus Ship in Lost Ark:

1). You need to go to Peyto Island and complete the daily quests there.

2). If you're unfamiliar with Una's Tasks, you can push Alt+ J to see the menu, which will raise the checklists of daily quests you can complete.

3). The quest you're looking for is "Ride Like the Wind," which you need to finish 21 times.

4). You'll see below the quest's name is a reputation called "Fast Sailing Spring: Eurus." This is the reputation you'll need to finish to obtain the Eurus ship on your own.

5). If you touch on the magnifying glass to the right of the Reputation task under Rep. Information, you'll see the needs.

6). There are 3 reputation rates to overcome for the Fast Sailing Spring: Eurus, Driver Among Drivers.

    • Reputation 1 Level Reward: 6,000 Pirate Coins (30 Points Required)
    • Reputation 2 Level Reward: 12,000 Pirate Coins (60 Points Required)
    • Reputation 3 Level Reward: 24,000 Pirate Coins and Fast Sailing Spring: Eurus (120 Points Required)

7). You obtain a total of 210 points to get all of the required reputation points.

8). Each conclusion of the "Ride Like the Wind" quest offers you 10 points, which implies it takes 21 completions.

9). To begin the "Ride Like the Wind" daily quest, you should head to Peyto, a tiny cruise ship located east of East Vern and directly southern of Pleccia.

10). As soon as you get to Peyto, you'll see an orange circle on the ground, and after you step over it, the Daily Task will undoubtedly begin.

11). Now, you'll be required to head to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, Revelry Row, and Turtle Island.

12). Below are the places of all three islands: The top right island is Turtle Island, and straight below is Tortoyk. Afterward, head to the left and go to Revelry Row.

13). You can also search for any area in Lost Ark by pressing M and using the search bar in the top right of the map.

14). When you dock at each of the 3 Islands, you'll require to walk over the orange circle on the ground.

15). Hereafter has been done on all 3 Islands, the quest will immediately complete.

16). Now, you'll need to complete this Una's Task daily until completing your 21 quest conclusions, you'll acquire the Legendary Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus letter.

17). Right-clicking the letter provides you a quest that you complete to obtain the Eurus ship.

How to Get the Astray Ship in Lost Ark?

Astray Ship

1. What are the Prerequisites for Unlocking the Astray Ship?

There are prerequisites before you get the Astray Ship:

1). You require to obtain the ability to go across the seas of Arkesia by completing the quest, "Set Sail!" a goal that notes completion of the East Luterra storyline.

2). You must get to Level 50 to open a specific Daily Quest in Una's Tasks, "Pest Control," which requires you to repel several pirates from the island of Blackfang's Den.

3). "She Drifts, Sea Gifts" is another Daily Quest that must be unlocked to get one of the required components to develop Astray. This daily is accessed by completing "Ratik," a World Quest in Rothun.

2. Unlocking The Astray Ship in Lost Ark

1). You should speak with NPC Belrod (Astray Shipbuilder) on Blackfang's Den to develop the Astray Ship in Lost Ark.

2). He will undoubtedly call for the list below products along with a 10,000 × Silver charge for the vessel's construction:

    • Astray Construction Blueprint ×1
    • Astray Operation Manual ×1
    • Certificate of Pirate ×1
    • Timber ×570
    • Uncommon Ship Parts Material ×375

3). Below is a summary of just how to procure each of the essential materials:

    • Astray Construction Blueprint - Compensated gamers for getting to Reputation Degree 3 (12 days) by repeating the Daily Quest "She Drifts, Sea Gifts," tied to event locations.
    • Astray Operation Manual - Obtained by completing the quest, "Pirate Star: Astray," which is sold by Mariner Rosa on Blackfang's Den for 300,000 × Pirate Coins.
    • Certificate of Pirate - Awarded players for reaching Reputation Degree 3 (8 days) by duplicating the Daily Quest "Pest Control," linked to Blackfang's Den.
    • Timber - Generally acquired from numerous quests and also chests.
Uncommon Ship Parts Material - Commonly obtained from breasts and quests, especially on Arkesia's islands in Lost Ark.

4). Send the required products, pay the crafting price, and unlock the Astray ship.

3. Astray Ship Statistics

The Astray Ship features suitable resistances for you to make use of on the high seas:

    • Kelp Beds Resistance 23
    • Sandstorm Seas Resistance 22
    • Siren Seas Resistance 21
    • Cold Snap Seas Resistance 22
    • Tempest Seas Resistance 18
    • Dead Waters Resistance 18
    • Base Speed 22

That's all you need to understand about getting the Eurus & Astray ship in Lost Ark! We hope you found this helpful overview; you can look at more ship-related guides on You can buy Lost Ark gold from here while delighting in a fast and secure solution!