365 books in one year how did I do it here's the answer hey everyone this is jay shetty and welcome back to my youtube channel so many of you have been asking me Jay how do you read so many books how do you get through them what's your strategy what's your approach do you even sleep the answer to all those questions is in this video now how many of you have a stack of books that's taller than you that you really want to read this year this month this week and it just keeps growing and you keep looking at Reggie I'm thinking I've got less time this week than I had last week and maybe you're thinking I don't even know where to start reading is super important I found it really fulfilling in my life and really useful and insightful as well.

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I want to share with you what some of the most successful people in the world think about book Warren Buffett says that he spends five to six hours a day reading five newspapers bill gates reads about 50 books a year mainly Business Health engineering diseases Mark Zuckerberg says that he reads books to learn and educate himself about different cultures and backgrounds Oprah calls reading her personal path to freedom Mark Cuban says that he reads to learn about new industries now this is gonna tell me how old you are if you remember the Britannica encyclopedia Elon Musk said that he read that by the time he was nine in total and this is my favorite one Phil Knight the CEO of Nike said that he kept his library so sacred that when people entered it they had to take off their shoes and bow down so there's plenty of good reasons why you should read but you really need to know your own that's my number one tip you need to know why you're going to read a book is it because you want to be entertained.
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And have an escape is it because you want to learn new information and grow is it because you want to find new ideas about how to improve your life the closer you get clarity on your vision for why you're reading a book the more likely you're gonna be a successful reader now before we go into how I read a book a day for 365 days I want to talk to you about the biggest mistakes we make as readers one of the biggest mistakes we make is that we think that books need to be read cover to cover whether they're this size or this size now the interesting thing is that not all books are written in that way.