Government procurement can be daunting. For example, many state departments need a harmonized standard for the systems and equipment, including the pricing and quality. So, the U.S government established the General Services Administration (GSA), an independent agency that helps manage federal agencies' essential functions to streamline this.

The GSA Schedule is a multi-billiondollar contract that allows organizations to sell console furniture to these federal agencies. It is available to businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations that want to sell to government customers. The GSA schedule outlines pre-established furniture pricing and the terms and conditions that bind the buyers. It is a large project with the potential for massive earnings if it is the right fit for a business.

Who is eligible for a GSA contract?

Government projects need a massive financial muscle to achieve them. Therefore, federal agencies will seek to work with reliable companies to meet their demands. Moreover, a GSA schedule will allow you to work with state and local government agencies in exceptional cases, and these would demand high capacity.

To rule out companies that may not be sufficient, a company must:

  1. Have been operational for at least two years

A startup is likely to have to wait until it can supply two years' worth of financial statements for review. The only exception is pursuing the 'Startup Springboard' under the IT Schedule 70, which allows submission without the years of experience.

  1. Fit the scope of requirements

The company's past performance must meet the scope requirements of at least one GSA console furniture subcategory to be eligible for a contract. Before starting the application process, review the GSA schedule list to verify that what you offer matches the program.

  1. Provide evidence of past performance

Even after fitting the scope of requirements, supporting evidence must show proof of meeting previous orders successfully. These documents will include invoices, proposals, contracts, and customer information. Challenges at this stage will include:

  • Legal conditions to withhold previous client documents
  • A small number of customers that is insufficient proof
  1. Have a clean history

Qualifying companies need to be in good standing with the law. As such, you will be disqualified in the event of:

  • A history of federal fraud
  • Company personnel listed in the black list
  • Tax default
  • Open lawsuits for unacceptable reasons

The benefits of a GSA schedule contract

  1. It builds trust among the buyers

A GSA contract is not mandatory to get into business with the government. However, it ensures federal agencies that the service provider is trustworthy and reliable. As a result, these agencies will likely work with a provider with such a contract than the opposite.