Facebook live is one of the superior features of Facebook, which allows users to connect with people's lives. In simple terms, you can start a live feed with this, and people who are associated with you on Facebook can see you live. Your followers on Facebook receive a notification when you go live. One can engage with their audience through live video. Live streamers can also decide who can watch them live and who can't.

Facebook Live was launched in 2015 and is used by companies to promote their products and services. Also, for people who want to share their moments with friends and family. However, there is an option for those who want to increase their live views on Facebook. Then, they can buy real facebook live views on your video to get more engagement.

 Live videos are non-editable videos which makes them more exciting and original. That's why ever since it launched, it has been a hit. It also allows viewers to connect with streamers through this live video directly and can post real-time reactions and questions.

How to Go Live on Facebook:

  •     First, you have to open the Facebook App on your Mobile Phone.
  •     Click on the 'What's On Your Mind?' section at the top.
  •     Then click on 'Go Live.'
  •     Choose whatever camera for live video, Rear or Front.
  •     You can also give the title to your video and a location if needed.

Boosting Facebook Live Videos Views:

Below are the best ways that can help you boost your Facebook live reach

  1. Announce Before Coming:

Live through any status, messenger, or post. This will create excitement amongst the viewers. Viewers can also schedule their time accordingly.

  1. Noticeable Description:

Perfect description of your video, which should be small and a compelling one. Easily connect to the users and make people watch the video.

  1. Introduction:

Introduction of yourself again and again. You must know that when you're life, some viewers keep on adding as you continue streaming, so reintroduction is a must to engage the audience.

  1. Like, Share and Subscribe:

Do not forget to encourage your audience to like, share, and subscribe to boost your Facebook live reach. Do often ask your audience to follow so that they get a notification whenever you're live again.

  1. Engage Your Visitors:

More with viewers to make viewers interested in your video. Always react and try to interact with your fans. This will help you to build a nice relationship with your fans for a long time. Call your fans with their full names to motivate them to like & subscribe.

  1. Schedule Your Time

You need to schedule and promote your broadcast. If you have some video to share with the world, you also have to let them know when to expect it from you. So you need to schedule a date and time for your broadcasting video. You can do this through some promotional material on other social media profiles on your website. Also, you need to add enough detail within your title and description while doing the promotion. It would help if you gave a grasp of what to expect from your potential viewers.

  1. Teasing the Result at the Start:

This is considered the most underrated video marketing method. It is one of the most successful techniques used by most successful YouTubers while streaming or making videos. Getting the attention of internet users is a very tricky task. So it would help if you build value for your message upfront. It is not just enough to just rely on the content quality of your videos.

  1. Encouraging and Interaction:

Encouraging and interacting with your live viewers is important to make your viewers feel involved with the stream. For this, you can make use of the following examples

  •     Hey John, thanks for joining
  •     Max, ask, do you need the hot pot to cook this stuff?
  •     Strauss says he uses XYZ sauce.
  1. Paid Live Stream: 

This is one of the best & easiest way to boost your Facebook live video. There are many online Websites which sell Facebook live stream services, which you can buy and boost the results of your video in maximum exposure.

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Facebook live helps you to increase your video visibility. It will also decrease the obstacle between your spectators and you. If you accomplish more live video broadcasting, then you can measure what type of video gets more views, responses, and engagement. So you need to work hard to create an excellent connection with your audience.