Patch 34 of The Elder Scrolls Online requires players to take the Stone Atronach Endeavour and complete five Stone Atronachs. These are extremely rare creatures, found in very limited numbers, and can only be found in a few designated locations.

Players need to know all the Stone Atronach locations in The Elder Scrolls Online, including maps with precise markers. They also have to fight some bosses, so be prepared for more than just Atronachs in this endeavor. Players need to prepare some ESO Gold to improve their characters.

Players can find several Stone Atronachs in the Craglon area, located northwest of Hammerfell, between Cyrodiil and Bangkorai. The Bloodroot Forge is a dungeon located southeast of Claglan, between Haddock Market and Morawa. This dungeon was added in the corner of the DLC. Players can find the entrance to the dungeon high in the Geral Mountains.

Once the player reaches the dungeon’s third boss, named Stoneheart, he will summon multiple Stone Atronachs in battle, which is a great opportunity for them to complete all five in the same location. So players can Buy ESO Gold to get more powerful weapons to compete with it.

Another Stone Atronach can be found in the east of the Craglon region. Another group of Stone Atronachs can be found in the northern Elsweyr area, which is south of Tamriel, between Reaper’s March and Blackwood. Southwest of Northern Elsweyr, players will find the Moongrave Fane dungeon, which is part of the Scalebreaker DLC.

For the final Stone Atronach, head back to Cragorn and enter the Aetherian Archives Tower just north of the Falkreath Hold dungeon. The boss here has only two attacks, but it can deal a lot of damage. Therefore, players can go to IGGM to get some ESO Gold if they need it, and they will also provide game information to help players perform better in the game.