Installing shelves on drywall might seem like a pretty straightforward chore but if you go about it without the proper tools and knowledge then everything might come crashing down, literally. To help make sure that your wall mounted metal shelf brackets stay put, here are some things that you need to consider.

Here are the steps:

Draw two vertical lines using a pencil along with the wall studs.

Grab one of the wall mounted metal shelf brackets and hold it against one of the vertical guidelines. Use a spirit level to make sure that the shelf bracket is perfectly vertical. Grab your pencil and make marks inside the holes on the wall. To make it easier to drill the holes later, make a cross mark and dent the center of each mark using a nail and a hammer.

Take your hand drill and install a wood bit that is one size smaller than the screws to be used to mount the wall mounted metal shelf brackets. Set the drill depth to roughly the same length of the screw minus the thickness of the bracket. Once the drill is properly set up, continue drilling into the marks that you previously made.

Screw the first bracket into the wall.

Grab your shelf and place it on top of the first bracket and place the spirit level on top of the shelf. Holding the shelf as straight and as level, as you can, make a horizontal mark intersecting the vertical line of the stud (you are using the underside of the shelf like a ruler to make a straight line). You now have the correct location for the top of the second shelf bracket.

Align the top of the second bracket below the mark you just made, and then use your pencil to mark where you need to drill holes for the screws. Once you have finished placing your marks, just repeat steps 3 and 4.

Once you have the second bracket in place, you can finally install the shelf. Depending on the design of the shelf, it can either just balance on top of the brackets or they need to be screwed into place.

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