Balustrades serve a 2-way purpose for homes. First, they enhance the appearance of the surrounding whether it is indoors, railing a staircase or outdoors for railing balcony, porch, deck or swimming pool. They can lend an impeccable style and elegance to the home. And second, they give protection against falls.

However, the end result depends on how thorough and mindful you had been while choosing the right frameless glass balustrades for your home. Here are some common mistakes that can be avoided.

  1. Choosing looks over functionality: Looks have their own importance but they cannot be more important than the safety of the people around you. Therefore, choose a design that is safer in regards to children and tall adults. Go for a balustrade that is high enough for kids and pets to climb upon and should not have large gaps in between.
  2. Going for the cheapest option: Sometimes, to save money or to remain on a budget, people opt for a lesser quality of the material. This compromise on quality may cost dearly when the poor quality balustrade does not provide strong support or gets chipped or cracked too early leading to injuries. Therefore, first, the functional features must be looked for like durability, quality as per state regulations. Then customization should be done based on the leftover budget.
  3. Self-installation: Self-installation of glass balustrade or any other balustrade for that matter, may sound like a good option to save on installation charges but is not a wise move. This is because the structural design of balustrades must adhere to the Australian standards and NCC legislation and therefore, its fabrication and installation must be carried out by a certified professional. This step also ensures that the job is done well in the light of people’s safety and you would be covered by insurance for any damages done during installation.
  4. Did not think about the environment: There are 2 things to consider when it comes to getting balustrades installed at the property. First is the outer climate. For instance, if you are living near the sea, then you must get such material that is resistant to the effect of salty air and corrosion. The second is the interiors. If your house is a traditionally styled home, then the glass balustrade may not go well with the decor as aluminium one will.
  5. Ignored the maintenance cost enquiry: While choosing the fanciest balustrade for your home, do keep in mind the maintenance required for their upkeep. Timber balustrades require a specific maintenance regime as wood is prone to woodworms and other factors. Therefore, glass and aluminium balustrades are the best choices among homeowners as they need the least upkeep.

Final Thoughts

Be it frameless glass balustrades for that chic and contemporary look or wooden balustrades to compliment the warmth of traditional style home, choose a design without compromising on the functionality of the object.


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