You will benefit from studying for a trade qualification in the Australian subcontinent. It’s a great option and opportunity for you. The trade courses such as cooking, carpentry, mechanic, and painting are great courses for you if you wish to Study in Australia or renew your visa. If you are wondering why Australian trade courses have such hype, then this blog is for you as we will tell you why you should Study a Trade Course in Australia.

Benefits of studying a trade course in Australia: Highlights

  • You can find great job opportunities.
  • You will get paid handsomely.
  • You can apply for a Postgraduate Skilled Visa.
  • You unlock the path to PR Visa.

Job opportunities

 Essential services are high in demand in Australia, valued, and well paid. So even though you can work in places like a kitchen or construction site without any previous education, qualifying will make a difference in the consideration you will have in the company, your value, and the projection you can have in the nation.

On the other hand, these jobs are on the priority list in most states. So it is helpful in your career search for a Sponsor Visa or Skilled Visa. For more information on these visas, please contact our expert Immigration Lawyer for Australia at HS Consultants Education & Migration.  

Postgraduate Skilled Visa

Trade courses that are longer than 92 weeks help you apply for the Postgraduate Skilled Visa, which has a duration of 1.5 years, and by adding the two years of your course, you can get a total of 3.5 years to stay on the visa. Furthermore, you will have years of experience to earn more points for your future work or direct residence visa, if allowed.

After completing the qualification, you must finish a Skill Recognition, which proves that you have studied, have English language proficiency, worked for an estimated 300 hours, and a small test of knowledge to apply for the visa. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Study Visa Consultant for Australia for more information.       

Study & live in Australia

Trade courses are available in almost every Australian city and many educational institutions. Plus, there are many schedules available. Below we have provided some study options available.

  • You can study for only a day in the week.
  • Some schools offer weekend classes.
  • You also have the flexibility to study in the morning or afternoon only.
  • The classes are in trimester mode.
  • You usually get a two weeks holiday at the end of each term.
  • You enjoy longer holidays in December.

This flexibility allows you to efficiently work the 40 hours per fortnight as per the Australian student guidelines (although due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are particular sectors where you can work more, it is on a case by case basis.) Overall it is a feasible way to study, work, and enjoy Australia.

We hope this article gave you important information. Please get in touch with HS Consultants Education & Migration for expert visa consultancy services. We are always happy to help.