Runes are the currency of Diablo 2. Higher D2R Runes are amongst the rarest Diablo 2 Resurrected Items to drop, and runewords are the most powerful items in the game. Runewords consisting of lower tier runes are often the best choice for levelling items, so make sure to check out our Best Ladder Starter Runewords guide and get ready to quickly level up your character.

Arcane Sanctuary

Arcane Sanctuary is one of the best Diablo 2 high runes farming spots for Sorceresses in particular. Because of that fast teleport gets her to those super chests, also gets her to the Summoner. So if you get some possible key of hate drops. It can also stop when you see large groups of ghosts and take out a quick group of ghosts and that's because the ghosts have won the best chances of dropping high runes in the Diablo 2 Resurrected.

When you see nice big packs, sure just stop taking them all down super quick on your way to the next super chess. Super chess also has very good chess well. Relatively speaking, compared to other things have a good chance of dropping your high runes. You got your 3 total super chests and some additional chests in the Arcane Sanctuary.

Always easy to find, always basically in the same layout. You just never know which one is the summoner exit and which one is the super chest exit, but it doesn't really matter. Because you go straight, you hang a right or a left, you go straight again until you get to the end, you hang a right or a left depending on which way you came in from, and then you're at the super chess every single time.


Chaos is the best of both worlds in regards to Cow Level and the Travincal. Merging them together, you get an area riddled with High Runes.

Similar to the Cow Level, you will be bombarded with an army of monsters with a decent drop rate for High Runes. Slash and defeat the countless monsters till you find your desired high rune.

The Cows

Because of the abundance of cows, you can find on the mumu farm. You can clear those out quickly, it's just more draws at the rune prize. The thing is about the high runes is there's nothing really that has a massively better chance of dropping high runes. Magic find doesn't matter. So the thing is well except for the ghosts and the wraiths which do actually have a higher chance of dropping runes. Otherwise, it's really all about quantity and how many or quickly monsters can you kill.

The Hellforge

When a character shatters Mephisto’s Soulstone on the Hellforge in Act Four, four gems and one rune drop as part of the quest reward. The runes that may be found from this quest vary by difficulty level. Which one drops is selected randomly. Unlike the runes from The Countess, or any other monster drops in the game, the lower level runes are not more common. Be sure to complete this quest when you can get your rune drop, and do not finish it with other players in your party if they have not finished the quest already. Four gems drop for every character completing the quest, whether they’re near the Hellforge or not, but only one rune will drop for the quest completion, whether one or eight characters are in the party/completing the quest.


Another great place to farm for high runes is to go through the Travincal as they have a comparatively high drop rate. They have a probability of dropping up to Zod which is the most valuable high rune in the game.

The farm for high runes at the Travincal is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is keep on killing the spawns till you get your hands on the rune you want.

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