We are a professional manufacturer, there are many products such as Crystal Velvet Imitation Mink Fur, here is a brief introduction to the mink fleece fabric.

  Mink fleece fabric is a fleece fabric. Taken from mink (undercoat) as raw material. The gun hair is taken from the cashmere, and it is mostly used in the apparel industry after mechanical processing. Mink fleece is more suitable for high-end apparel industry than fleece fabrics such as polar fleece. Most of the popular fleece fabrics on the market are polar fleece, crabapple fleece and so on. Mink fur is soft and firm, rich in plush and shiny in color. After a special washing process, it is more skin-friendly, almost no lint, can be worn close to the body, and will not be allergic to the skin.

  Mink fleece is generally used to make clothes more. The clothing made of mink wool that has been plucked and trimmed not only retains the warm and comfortable characteristics of fur clothing, but no longer looks bloated, and even looks light and elegant, gorgeous and elegant. After modern dyeing process, mink down can show a variety of colors, in addition, mink down can be embossed and cut into different heights. Therefore, the garments made of processed mink velvet have various styles, are fashionable, and are full of modern life.

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