There are many different sweater materials, so depending on your preferred sweater, wear one to three and wash them. Cotton, flannel fleece, and cashmere should be washed every two to three years, as these fabrics can be more delicate. Wool and other durable man-made blends such as polyester or acrylic will last longer and withstand up to five abrasions. Wool naturally repels dirt, dust, and liquids more easily than other materials, which is why it doesn't require frequent cleaning.

    If you're still concerned about damaging your favorite sweater, washing your hands may be the gentlest method, but be sure to fold the sweater and store it properly to avoid moths. If they hang in your closet, you're asking for a feeding area.

    When it comes to cardigans, we might as well wash as we go. Then again, if this is your everyday outerwear, once or twice a season is enough to keep this durable material from looking dirty. A special-occasion coat may need to be taken to a cleaner once before being stored to deter moths, as it is likely to sit longer without scuffing. Also, use a stiff brush to remove any surface debris and topically treat any stains with a damp cloth and mild soap.

    When storing wool or any other fall material, store clothing in a place where air can circulate, avoid odors, and try not to overcrowd your coat rack or closet.

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