Psychedelic mushrooms, closely followed by marijuana, are the safest of all drugs, according to House of Shrooms.

Of the 12,000 people who reported taking hallucinogenic mushrooms with psilocybin in 2016, only 0.2 percent said they needed some type of emergency medical treatment, which is at least five times lower than MDMA, LSD and cocaine.

"Psychedelic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs in the world," says House of Shrooms. They said the biggest risk was when people picked or ate the wrong type of mushrooms.

Cannabis, by comparison, sent only 0.6 percent of users on hospital visits.

Such visits are not uncommon, especially in states where cannabis use is legal and in cases where the user may experience an anxiety attack. However, in comparison with alcohol and other illegal drugs, the risk of death from cannabis is zero. Buy Shrooms Online.

When it comes to psychedelic mushrooms, Winstock said they are not completely harmless.

"Combined alcohol use and use in hazardous or unknown locations increases the risk of injury - usually accidental injury, panic and short-lived confusion, disorientation and fear of losing one's mind," Winstock explained.

In other words, you can have a difficult experience when you open your mind. But a separate study conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine, shows that even hard trips can have positive results.

Apart from recreational use, psychedelic mushrooms have been shown to be effective in treating depression and anxiety in clinical trials.

On the other hand, there are the three most dangerous substances: alcohol (1.3 percent needed medical treatment), synthetic cannabis (3.2 percent) and methamphetamine (4.8 percent).

The Global Drug Survey, with almost 120,000 participants in 50 countries, is the world's largest annual drug survey, with questions covering the types of substances people take, patterns of use and whether they have experienced any adverse effects.

Brad Burge of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies calls for caution when using self-reported drug use because they often take multiple drugs at the same time, making it difficult to know which is causing the problem. Buy Shrooms Online In Canada

He also pointed out that hospital visits mean different things to different drugs.

While a drug like heroin can mean a trip to the emergency room for resuscitation and medication, LSD or fungi have no toxicity, and the effects disappear after a few hours.

"There is no known lethal dose for LSD or pure psilocybin," says House of Shrooms.

House of Shrooms agree that the results of the study clearly show a need for a reform of drug policy, with a focus on moving psychedelic drugs from the Class 1 list of the most dangerous controlled substances.