What To Wear To The Office | Situational Dressing Tips!


Office Appropriate Outfits

Learning how to coordinate your outfits for situational dressing is key when maintaining a proper business image. Whether your making a presentation, going out to meet clients, or have a meeting in your office, knowing what to wear for these situations is key!

Brown and Red Plaid Sport coat with Tan Dress Pants

Day-To-Day Officewear

Believe it or not, your Day-To-Day office wear and style is actually the most important aspect of your image! The reason is because this shows your colleagues and your clients who you really are! Don’t be that guy who “just dresses up when he has to!”

Blue Plaid Sport Coat with Blue Solid Dress Pants

An easy way to master your Day-To-Day style and maintain a clean image is the go-to sport coat and dress pants look! Sport coats are designed to go with multiple pairs of solid dress pans, to be able to make dressing effortless clean!

Pinstripe Three Piece Suit

Perfect For Presentations

You HAVE to be well dressed when making presentations, no questions asked. There are no excuses. A perfect way to ace every presentation and not only capture, but keep everyone’s attention is by dressing well! A three piece suit in a clean solid, or an elegant pinstripe is perfect for this, whether your are presenting to the board, or meeting with a client!

Emerald Plaid Sports Coat with Navy Turtleneck and Black Jeans

For The Fashion Forward and Sporty

If you want to add a bit of creativity and modern chic to your style, try throwing on a beautiful sport coat with a turtleneck sweater and clean fitted jeans! This is perfect for a Friday outfit, where you can easily transition from the office work day to the city nightlife without having to change!




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