A foam pump is a pump that pushes substances from the air into the foam. Before manufacturing a foam pump, aerosol materials are often used for foaming, that is, using liquefied gas to expand foam to form bubbles, or using foam to generate foam. The real everyday pump is the fingerprint (thumb pump) from 1995.

    The characteristic of this foam spray is that its main body consists of two parts, an air pump, and a water pump. After the air is fully mixed with the pump body, the water is pumped. The pump has a stable flow and simple operation and is not suitable for consumers to use. Gravity and foam spray types are good.

    Compared with foam aerosols, acupressure foam pumps have several distinct advantages: First, they do not need to be filled with propellant, so they do not pollute the environment, and there is no danger of burns and explosions, and there is no reason to use them. Repeated use; second, most liquid needle foam pumps and water, are organic compounds (VOCs). Essentially, it has more promotion value; thirdly, it can be used for containers of various shapes, including squares, triangles, ovals, etc. In addition, there is no pressure in the container before use, and the material requirements of the container are relatively large.

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