QuickBooks error 12029 is a common error code in the QuickBooks program that occurs when updating the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll service. QuickBooks Desktop payroll is a subscription-based service that enables you to manage the payroll processes of your business with the utmost efficiency. To reap the full benefits of the QuickBooks Payroll service, you need to download the latest payroll tax table updates. However, when downloading updates for QuickBooks Payroll, you can get QuickBooks error 12029 on your screen. This post describes all the important aspects of this error along with some tried and tested troubleshooting solutions. Let’s start!

What Is QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12029?

Before discussing the important aspects related to the error, it is important to understand more about the error itself. When the error occurs, you may not be able to update your QuickBooks Payroll service. When the error occurs, you will receive an error message on your screen that says:

QuickBooks failed to receive the IP address or servers.

A network timeout is one of the main reasons behind this perplexing error in the QuickBooks Desktop software. When the backend server fails to revert QuickBooks within the allotted time, the error takes place. To resolve this error, you need to troubleshoot its possible reasons.

Possible Reasons That Can Cause Error 12029 in QuickBooks?

When digging out the possible reasons behind the QuickBooks Desktop update error 12029, you will see that some reasons are external whereas, some issues are external. Below are the possible reasons behind the error:

External Reasons Behind the Error

• QuickBooks Payroll update is the first reason behind the error.
• Sometimes, the error can take place due to your Internet security application or Firewall that can obstruct the payroll update process.
• When Internet Explorer is not your default browser.
• Make sure that your Internet plan is not expired otherwise it will give the QuickBooks error 12029.
• When your SSL settings are not configured properly.

Internal Reasons Behind the Error

• QuickBooks is not connected to an Internet connection.
• Other connection issues in QuickBooks software.
• When your server is blocked.
• A server timeout while updating QuickBooks is one of the apparent reasons behind the error.
• When you are using an outdated version of Windows.

What Are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Payroll Error 12029?

QuickBooks payroll error 12029 can be determined by the symptoms that it shows on its arrival. Below is the list:

• An error message appears on your screen along with the error code 12029 when the error occurs.
• You may not be able to proceed a step further with the payroll update process.
• The PC freezes every now and then.
• Your computer responds to your mouse or keyboard inputs sluggishly.
• An active window crashes on the arrival of the error code.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks Update Error 12029?

After discussing all the possible reasons behind the error, let’s move ahead to the troubleshooting solutions.

Solution 1: Resolve the Local Issues of QuickBooks Desktop

If the error continues to trouble your QuickBooks payroll update, resolve the local issues related to QuickBooks and your system:

• Verify that you have the latest version of the QuickBooks application installed on your system.
• Besides, ensure that you are using the latest updated version of your Windows OS.
• Dropped Internet packets can also evoke the QuickBooks error 12029; therefore, make sure that this condition does not persist when QuickBooks. Verifying the latency of your Internet can help.
• Moreover, confirm that TLS 1.2 is enabled, and modify SSL settings.
• Check if restarting your computer resolves the problem.
• Finally, upgrade Internet Explorer to the latest release and set it as your default browser.

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Solution 2: Make Sure That Your Internet Explorer Settings Are Correct

Internet Explorer is a fully supported Internet browser for QuickBooks and therefore, you need to make sure that Internet Explorer is your default browser. Besides, make sure that your Internet Explorer settings are configured correctly to favour the payroll update process:

• First of all, terminate your QuickBooks program.
• Thereafter, launch your Internet Explorer.
• Now, press either the Alt button or click on Tools.
• Moving ahead, click on the Internet option >> Security tab.
• Here, you need to set the security level medium in the “Allowed level for this zone” from within the Security tab.
• Proceeding further, select the never dial connections from the connections option and then click OK.
• Now move to the Lan settings and then select the automatically detected settings option.
• From within the advanced setting, Select TLS 1.2.
• In the end, click Ok and restart the IE to perform the update process again.

Solution 3: Configure Your Antivirus & Firewall Settings

Due to security reasons, your Internet security application or Firewall can prevent you from downloading the latest updates for the QuickBooks program. In such a case, you need to configure it correctly by following the below-described steps:

• Make a visit to Intuit’s official website and download QuickBooks Tool Hub.
• Now install the tool and then open it to proceed further.
• From within the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you can select the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to determine and resolve the issues giving rise to the payroll update error.
• Besides, it will also configure the Firewall and open the ports automatically.
• Once done, check if the QuickBooks error code 12029 is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Open Windows in Safe Mode to Update QuickBooks

Opening Windows in safe mode can prevent the QuickBooks update process from being blocked. To do so:

• Press Windows and I keys simultaneously on your keyboard.
• Next, go to the Update & Security and click on it.
• Moving ahead, click Recovery and then move to the Advanced Startup.
• Here, you need to perform the instructions given on your screen and make the right selections to restart your computer.
• While restarting, you can locate the option to open your PC in Safe mode with networking.

Once in Safe Mode, try to update your QuickBooks Payroll to the latest release.

In Conclusion

It is crucial to update the QuickBooks payroll service and the software itself to ensure its optimal performance. However, if you are having trouble updating your QuickBooks payroll due to QuickBooks error 12029, then the steps discussed in this post can guide you with the error resolution procedure. For any query related to the error code 12029, you can get in touch with experienced QuickBooks professionals and ask for relevant assistance.