Be Careful How You Use Your Eyes

The mistake that women make with eyes is they do not make eye contact while having a conversation or discussion with their workplace. As far as men are concerned their low confidence is majorly due to their other issues like impotence, help them with Filagra 25.


If women disapprove of something, it is very characteristic of them to roll their eyes and they do not realize it. This is still okay with friends but if they do it at work, it gives a subtle wrong message that they are being dismissive. Do not even do it with your husband if he is not able to satisfy you in bed rather ask him to consume Filagra 25.


A Tilt And Nod Of The Head

It is important to say yes or no with a clear nod of the head. Even if a male member is trying to flirt with you or have bad intentions do not do this because it might sound like an affirmative reply. Do not update them about Filagra 25 and how wonderfully it works for men else they might take this as an open invitation.


Do Not Lick Your Lips

Smiling too much sends a very wrong message. Especially when you are alone with a male colleague, refrain from doing this, else he might take it in some other sense and might consume Filagra 25. This can be amazing hint for your husband or boyfriend when you want him to do all the naughty things to you. Make sure he keep Filagra 25 handy.


Inconsistent Pitch In The Voice

It kind of gives the impression that you are trying to be authoritative but in the middle of the conversation you have lost authority on yourself and you are not sure about yourself whether you can have that kind of authority on others too. Your voice need to do modulation when you are in the bed moaning while your husband is giving you pleasure and pleasure is guaranteed with the help of Filagra 25.