Tundish Nozzle Manufacturers Adtech is a special tube developed for the aluminum metal industry. Its unique structure makes it highly efficient and can be used in precision machined products.

Casting Tube has low thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, anti-wetting and corrosion resistance, excellent machinability, and can be used to machine some parts.

Tundish Nozzle Manufacturers Adtech has excellent anti-Asian properties, good thermal insulation, and thermal shock resistance, and is not impregnated or wetted by aluminum solutions. It meets the more demanding process requirements for customers to cast aluminum and aluminum alloy castings to form runners.

Can be customized according to customer needs.

Adtech's Tundish Nozzle Manufacturer Parameters

Color: white

Ingredients: high aluminum fiber

Dimensions: according to customer requirements, according to the drawing standard size + length ± 2mm width ± 1mm

Other properties: density can be light and heavy according to customer requirements

Thermal conductivity: <0.12W/m.k at 720°C

Maximum use temperature: 1250°C

Continuous use temperature: 800°C