In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, players can earn these tokens in a number of ways and use them in Madden 23. Mission objectives were revealed during the Rookie Premiere promotion, which players can complete to earn tokens. Alternatively, players can buy Madden 23 Coins directly from which is the easiest way.

In MUT 22, players can earn their first Rookie Premiere token by participating in challenges. When players successfully complete mission objectives, they will earn more tokens. After that, players can use tokens in MUT 23 to earn rewards and get rookies.

According to the latest official news, Madden 23 will be officially released on August 19, 2022. Then came FieldSENSE, but this mechanism was only available for the next generation. FieldSENSE also expands to MUT 23, so players can use all the extra features there. Players can follow UTnice for more details.

While a ton of Madden 23 Ultimate Team news hasn't been revealed yet, the rookie premiere sale is good news for starters. Players appear to be able to redeem some of their Madden 23 Coins for Rookie Premiere promo cards.

In Madden 23 Ultimate Team, players can try something playable with the first-ever Field Pass challenge and reward tracker in Madden Ultimate Team™. Meanwhile, they can add to their advantage by buying cheap Madden 23 Coins from UTnice.