If the carpet is often used, the carpet fabric is not particularly resistant to dirt, so it needs to be cleaned at this time. There are many ways to clean carpets. Vacuum cleaning is the most common method. Especially for long-haired carpets, vacuum cleaners can effectively remove the substances hidden in the carpet hair. The general method is to first use a vacuum cleaner to clean a large area of ​​​​the carpet. If you vacuum the second time, you should focus on cleaning it again. Sanitary dead corners such as coffee tables, corners, and bedsides should be thoroughly cleaned.

   Dry cloth to remove coffee stains

   For some juice stains, coffee stains, etc. accidentally spilled on the carpet, these relatively small stains need to be patted on the stain with a dry cloth the first time, and the stain will be wiped off after a few more pats.

   Warm water and vinegar to remove odor

   Everyone who has pets at home knows that pets have body odor. Even if there is no pet hair on the carpet, there will be body odor on pets. If you don't know it in time, it will be embarrassing for guests to come to the house. At this time, we can use an appropriate amount of warm water and vinegar to soak a clean rag in the water, wring the rag dry after a while, wipe the floor as a whole, and then dry the carpet.

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