In fact, the so -called Stop Pin SUPPLIERERS positioning sales can be simply understood as a sale that is applied to similar points of the disk structure. It only needs to have multiple fixed points for linear movements and institutions that rotate the rotation movement. Sales positioning. The structure of positioning and sales is combined with sales, sales, handle and built -in spring. With the diversification of the market and the diversification of customer demand, the positioning and sales have been applied to more industry fields so far.

The multi -application and accurate positioning are the purpose of high performance positioning and sales. Positioning sales have gradually become familiar and applied for more fields. The practicality of positioning and sales is also loved by designers.

Positioning sales classification and standards
According to the different structures, it can be divided into: small positioning sales, fixed positioning sales, replaceable positioning and selling and positioning.

Positioning sales and positioning reasonable structure
In order to take care of the accuracy of the relative position between the two parts after loading, cylindrical or cone sales positioning is often used, so the requirements for sales and sales are high. In order to process the sales holes and the convenience, under the possible conditions, the sales holes should be made into a hole as much as possible. Positioning and matching structure

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