Ceramic filter manufacturer Malaysia products can remove metal slag, the ability to dissolve metal impurities is much stronger than other filter media, and it is a combination of physical and chemical principles for filtration.


Large contaminants on filter surfaces include physical barriers, interceptors, and microscopic contaminants that have chemical affinity and are attracted to filter surfaces, sidewalls, or pores. Thus, impurities are effectively filtered from cast products of various sizes, including impurities much smaller than the pores used to filter impurities. This filter combs the entire disordered molten metal flow, reducing turbulence so that the molten metal flow should be smooth and clean.


Ceramic foam filter Malaysian product to reduce casting defects. Ceramic foam filters are characterized by lightweight, high mechanical strength, large specific surface area, high porosity, excellent thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, and high-temperature stability in molten metal. Through the distributed network structure, they can increase the surface area, absorb the sinter, the liquid metal becomes purer, and the incidence of waste quality problems such as air bubbles and pores is greatly reduced. The casting quality just got better.


India Ceramic filter manufacturer Products


The filtration efficiency of the aluminum plant foam ceramic filter is closely related to its correct installation and use. At the same time, due to the filtration process, in-process operations such as smelting, furnace treatment, and casting, routine and necessary measures to reduce the generation of inclusions cannot be ignored. It is also necessary to prevent recontamination of the filtered clean molten aluminum.


When casting products, remove impurities from molten metal, refractory scrap, solid refractory alloys, and sintered ores to eliminate turbulence, reduce casting pores and improve casting quality. Therefore, our foamed ceramic filters (foamed ceramics) are widely used in the aluminum casting industry to prevent defects caused by oxides, scum, gas, slag, and other impurities.


Malaysian ceramic filter products eliminate turbulence in the metal flow, allowing the metal to flow smoothly, avoiding splashes and slumps. Improve flow, castability, machinability, yield, and cost-effectiveness. Remove a larger percentage of powder, reducing waste and rework. Provides consistent flow and volume. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and apertures. How high-efficiency ceramic foam filters improve the entire process High-tech ceramic foam filters have the advantage of improving molten metal handling, casting, machining, and the finished product itself.