I spoke into my space.

I gathered my Spirit Team.

I told them that if any Demons were around me,

they now work for me, towards my highest good.

But who sent them?

Probably an enemy.

I been through Hell and back and got colder.

They don't fear me.

And honestly, I'm glad to have them on The Team.

I am the common ground for both sides of me.

Here is their story:

GOD saw the corruption of Earth and wanted to go down there.

The Angels are like GODs guides.

Keeps GOD in line.Like Guidelines.

They warned GOD that if GOD goes down...

EVERYTHING goes down.

The Angels got together to have a meeting.

Hosted by GODs best friend,Luci.

Luci and one third of the Angels made a plan to go down and end corruption.

However, they would have to sacrifice their wings.

The corrupted called them evil because they themselves could not evol.

Something about Earth's atmosphere.

Makes Earth the planet of free will.

The Angels now acted on it, now seen as E.Ts.

It's all apart of the plan, planted, on the planet.