He continues: "While the numbers and stats aren't the things that players love about MMOs, it is what gamers who are hardcore be drawn to once the exploration has been completed with OSRS Gold. Because it's typically central to what the longest term players' attention is it makes sense to incorporate this into one of the main elements of Melvor's game design. It also blends well with the common design elements in most idle games."

He also drew inspiration from other MMOs but the design of RuneScape was one that he followed especially closely, constructing an entire world that was created by Melvor Idle to create a universe that was akin with the 20-year-old RPG. "RuneScape was such a key reference point for the game since it was such an important games for me" he explains."

Like many I was one of them. I began playing RuneScape since the majority of my peers at the time was playing the game. The fact that it was played via a browser was a major factor in this. That ease of entry combined with RuneScape's deep branching and complexity was what I kept coming back to it for quite a while -- which is something I've always wanted to replicate using Melvor Idle."

With Malcolm quite candid about his inspirations when he was interviewed, word soon got to Jagex that the fan had developed games based on its own MMO. A member of staff flagged it to management, with manager of product development Chris Pfeiffer telling us his team was impressed by "how much had been achieved and how much of it aligned with RuneScape."

"The concept for Melvor Idle is also completely compatible with our core principles of what constitutes an active game this was therefore a natural fit our company," the CEO says. "Furthermore the concept of giving someone from our local community this opportunity has really enthused everyone in the company."

Pfieffer and his colleagues Pfieffer and his colleagues tried Melvor Idle on their own and loved it enough that they reached to Malcolm to discuss the possibility of working together in early 2021.

"From the first conversation we learned that Brendan shares Jagex's philosophy of community-driven games and has done an excellent job of fostering a healthy and active group of players that revolves around Melvor Idle. It's not often that you find an ideal match in the search for publishing opportunities, but Brendan along with Melvor Idle are exactly that, so we jumped at the chance to help both him as well as the game completely with 
Cheap RS Gold.