What do players get banned for? Let's look at the most popular reasons.

Ban for multi-accounting

Sometimes players create new accounts in the same poker rooms for different reasons, forgetting access to the old game accounts or for other reasons.

History knows a huge number of cases when even the most seemingly famous regulators were blocked without the right to be unblocked just for multi-accounts. History remembers how Dan Bilzerian and Bill Perkins got banned for playing live in the Americas Card Room.

And if dollar millionaires are not immune to being blocked, what about mere mortals!

 Ban for Chipping and Tiplining

Another common reason why online bans are handed out left and right is chipping.

In Russian, it means that you intentionally lose or "leak" chips to another player.

Chipping is most often used by cheaters to launder money.

You will be definitely get banned for team play against other poker players as well.

Chipping and timeplay are some of the most serious offenses in online poker, and you can not count on rehabilitation in front of the room if caught.

 Blocking for hosting

 In poker the service which is connected with finishing the final stage of a big tournament by experienced poker players instead of weaker players.

Of course it is a paid service, and the kickback to a pro can be from 10% to 50% of all the profits, depending on the specific tournament.

There is no need to remind once again that gambling is prohibited in online poker. What else is prohibited in poker you can read in the articles https://www.pekarstas.com/pravila-pokera/.

 However, ban for hosting is very, very rare. The reason is that it is almost impossible to catch such violators by hand.