The Wordle formula continues to undergo variations; just yesterday, I wrote about Cloudle, a website that provides a five-day weather forecast for any place. The most recent version of Wordle has become a daily favorite among movie aficionados, and only last week, someone made Wordle compatible with Minecraft (opens in new tab).

Fans of the long-running GeoGuessr will undoubtedly enjoy today's Wordle-like daily puzzle game, which has a geographical theme. It's called Wheredle, and it displays a Google Maps Street View of a location in the United States every day. Your task is to determine which state you are in. You may use the navigation arrows to navigate up and down the streets, and you can click and drag to move the camera about as you look for clues at signs and shops or recognize landmarks, as you are accustomed to in the game. Walks, feeling the "vibes" of the location.