Escape From Tarkov received new recreation changes that befell immediately. If you didn’t realize, Escape From Tarkov is architectured in thisEFT Roubles  kind of manner that Battlestate Games can push a few server changes at any given time, with out acting any consumer updates. That’s exactly what occurred this night.

On Friday, July 31, Battlestate Games has decided to lower the repair costs of armored rigs. Some of them were pretty punishing, and this will constitute a milder player economy. On the contrary, new crafting recipes had been delivered within the Hideout, that's typically there to help players with quest progression.

Moreover, Shotguns and shotgun barrels have acquired spread and accuracy buff, that's even extra surprising after zero.12.7. Maybe BSG wants to introduce a brand new Shotgun meta, that's advocated and extra than welcome EFT Money with the aid of the gamers.