Asmongold, immensely popular Twitch streamer and WOW Classic Boosting World of Warcraft veteran, has explained why he gained’t be streaming ahead of the release of the incredibly anticipated WoW Classic AQ release, approaching Monday, August 10.
World of Warcraft Classic, a server alternative from the immensely famous World of Warcraft, has enabled gamers to delve right into a “trustworthy pastime” of the game’s nation prior to The Burning Crusade enlargement.

Streamers, like Asmongold, have relished the opportunity to hop returned into their favorite MMORPG. However, lovers of the American will need to watch for his next circulate, as he explained in a video uploaded to Twitter on August 7.

In the video, Asmongold explained that he received’t be on-line on either Saturday or Sunday – the eighth and ninth of August respectively. The motives for his absence were mentioned, with the streamer describing the 
previous 24 hours because the “most painful” of his life.