All people in crypto can look forward to this year's new NFT release for a meme token in the tradition of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. 

The NFT craze is about to reignite now the market is seeing relief, and holding the right NFTs will bring investors parabolic returns. Shelon NFTs will be so much more than just another dog picture, the added utilities will make this a must have collection in 2022.

Affordable NFTs 

August 2022 is blessed to see the release of the highly anticipated first NFT collection from Shelon. The collection will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain this week with an affordable starting floor price.

The first collection in a series of releases are without a doubt, the cutest dog NFT collection the NFT community will have ever seen. Each one has its own traits and features which make each one a unique piece of art that only you will own.

NFTS for passive income

Bringing added utility is always a focus for the team and they have big plans to add utility to the NFT series, and are currently developing a P2e game and Staking DAPP. More ways holders can earn while supporting this blossoming new memecoin. Passive income has played a big part in keeping investors with a project during the bearish months and Shelon plan to add more passive income streams in the near future.

The Sister of Doge

$Shelon is billed as being the younger sister of $Doge and already holds the title of most bullish Doge reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain. $Shelon is a unique memecoin that rewards holders with 5% DogeCoin reflections on every buy and sell of the token. This provides holders with passive income while the project grows and develops.

Designed for WomenInCrypto

Doge coin is the original memecoin that started the movement, and although Shelon are not an official partner of Doge, they believe in supporting them through their tokenomics. Shib saw a monumental rise with the price increasing 460,000X, and Shelon have the potential to take the same trajectory through steady organic growth. There is no denying that the memecoin space loves dog coins, and Shelon are a token that is reaching out to the ever growing market of female investors through her cute designs.

The key to the future of NFTs 

Confidence in a project is always important and $Shelon have proved they are a memecoin that is here for the long term by locking the liquidity pool for 18 years. Shelon have entered into their first partnership with the Lake View Metaverse where users of the LVM are able to find Shelon, among other tokens in the treasure hunt.

The future is bright for Shelon and the room for growth is monumental. A true community token with a team that supports the community and encourages creativity and hard working investors. Could we one day see Shelon with the same market cap as her older brother? Anything is possible with this new, exciting community driven project.