So why can't we just pick one home decorative fabric that looks good to us? But there are some important things you need to consider before choosing the right fabric.


    The upholstery fabric must be flexible enough to wrap around the upholstered object and snug enough to create a nice contour around the upholstered part. In extreme cases, imagine trying to decorate a cushion with cardboard. It simply doesn't fold and tucks well to fit the cushion nicely. Cardboard is not a decorative fabric, but it demonstrates the importance of drape.


    Generally, heavier fabrics will be thicker or denser. This means they will be more durable and let less light through. This is important for those who are considering using upholstery fabrics for curtains. Conversely, heavier fabrics tend to be less breathable and drape less, which may not be ideal for certain furniture types.


    It's a fact that most fabrics will fade. What is the cause? In a process called photodegradation, light (ultraviolet light at worst) causes dyes within fabrics to break down. To a lesser extent, visible light and heat can also cause distortion and fading of fabric color. The sun will emit all of these for a long time. So if you want your upholstery to be placed in a sunny location, choose a fabric that won't fade easily. Better yet, keep them completely out of direct sunlight—unless you're willing to pay for a specialized window tint.


    Some fabrics are treated to alter their natural properties. This may include giving them properties such as fire resistance, fade resistance, stain resistance, etc. Sometimes these can also change the feel of the fabric, so keep that in mind. Even soft, comfortable fabrics may not be breathable, so sweat and steam won't dissipate as easily.

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