Escape from Tarkov devs Battlestate Games have Escape from tarkov roubles revealed some modifications to the Flea Market following the maximum latest technical replace, even though, some fanatics aren’t too pleased with what has been modified. 

With Escape From Tarkov being ever-changing, Battlestate Games are continually new updates to feature new content material, ensure that matters run easily, and commonly ensure that the shooter and looter name is balanced for both new and veteran gamers.

However, their most latest technical update has sparked a bit little bit of backlash after the devs decided to make some quite massive modifications to the manner the Flea Market works – mainly, with what items players can promote.With the technical replace losing on June 19, the devs referred to that now, players can only promote guns on the flea market if they had been located in a raid. On top of that, the potential to negotiate with the flea marketplace is also restrained to objects which might be observed in a raid. 

This way that gadgets which can be looted following a kill on every other player, are no longer eligible to be bought at the flea marketplace. This has, glaringly, dissatisfied a few gamers who had modeled their play style around killing enemies and promoting the unneeded gear. Some EFT Money gamers advised that the flea marketplace would completely end up a element of the past due to these modifications because it has pretty a great deal emerge as rendered vain.