The rice fields were already buzzing, and almost all the production teams were busy, starting the first battle of the double robbery with the help of starlight. They went to the field of the sixth team at the whistle of calling the players. Yu Qiu did not see He Dongsheng, in fact, this dark, in addition to her face to face with Baozhen's mother, she can not see anyone. As soon as Aunt Zhao saw the three educated youths, she laughed and immediately assigned the task: "You go to transport the grass and fertilizer." The rest of the work was too much, and she estimated that the three children were too much. It's dark now, and it's easy to hurt people when harvesting rice. Populus euphratica objected: "We can take the canal to transport grass fertilizer, children can also." Although the Secretary of the brigade and others did small-scale experiments, they thought that it was unrealistic for the fertilizer water to go directly through the canal, because it was too fertile and dense, it was easy to deposit under the canal, and it was not easy to go to the field. But they still happily accepted the improved version of Populus euphratica, digging a pit directly beside the grass fertilizer pond and connecting it to the canal, and then dragging the seeping fertilizer water directly to the field through the canal through the urine bucket. Although this method seems to transport less fertilizer and water per trip, because it is fast and labor-saving, it has high comprehensive efficiency. The secretary of the brigade said at the meeting that all the production teams accepted it. Others jokingly insisted on pulling Populus euphratica to eat at home, thanking him for freeing everyone from the hard work of pulling grass fertilizer, picking grass fertilizer and turning grass fertilizer. In any case,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, they are waiting for the grass manure to rot into water, so they do not need to turn over the grass manure to make it evenly decomposed. Yu Qiu felt that the grass fertilizer pond should also be sealed, because it was also easy to attract mosquitoes. Yeah, we can do other things. We can also take six divisions of labor. Tian Yu pulled up his companion, "don't you think so, Yu Qiu?" Yu Qiu quickly nodded, she did not want to transport grass fertilizer, even if dragging the waterway is not tired,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, she will not do, because every cell of her body resists the taste. Seeing their resolute attitude, the women's team leader had no choice but to wave his hand: "Then you can go to the rice field over there and pull up the seedlings.". Baozhen and her two sisters-in-law are here. Let them take you with them. Populus euphratica, who gained the trust of the organization, was overjoyed and immediately ran happily to the rice seedling field. It was so dark that even though there were stars and moonlight, Yu Qiu still could not see the position of the rice field, only heard the sound of people's feet walking in the water. Baozhen was tying up the pulled seedlings in bundles with straw, so that they could be picked up in the paddy fields that had been fertilized with grass, so that her mother and others could transplant the seedlings after dawn. She beckoned Yu Qiu and Tian Yu to work behind her. First, it was good to take care of people. Second, she was not fast enough. The female educated youth in the province were too tired to keep up with them. Yu Qiu hung the medicine box on the branch of the field and took off his shoes and socks to go to the field. It's not that she's not afraid of leeches, it's that there's no condition to wear shoes and socks here. She now has a total of three pairs of shoes, of which she did not dare to take out the pair she wore when she came over, in case the remaining two pairs were broken, she would really run around barefoot like the poor families in the village. The sky was full of stars and there was a cool breeze blowing gently. As soon as Yu Qiu's feet touched the water in the rice field, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic handheld welder, he was immediately excited. It was so cold that it was colder than the well water she washed her face in the morning, and it went straight into her bones. She now fully understands why people in this era are prone to arthritis. If you work in this environment for a long time, it will be strange if you don't get sick. Baozhen divided the Longyang seedlings she was responsible for into three parts, and the part she was responsible for was the sum of Yu Qiu and Tian Yu. Pull out the roots, stretch your hands down as far as possible, and don't hurt the roots. Yu Qiu and Tian Yu follow suit, two people work together, but can barely keep up with the speed of Baozhen, that is, the waist has been bent, feeling quite unbearable. In fact, there is a kind of small bench in Yangshuwan family, two rectangular boards on the top and bottom, supported by two legs in the middle, called the seedling bench, which is specially for people who go to the fields to pull and transplant seedlings, so as to save some waist and leg strength. But Yu Qiu sat on the top and pulled out the seedlings, only to feel inconvenient, and it took extra time to move the bench. She soon gave up. She saw that the people around her were almost the same, and they would rather stand in the field and bend over to pull up the seedlings, which would save more trouble. All the way to work, soon Yu Qiu can not feel the coolness of the legs and feet, but stuffy out of the sweat. When the breeze blew again, she did not feel cold, but felt indescribably comfortable. Baozhen's second sister-in-law is famous for being fast, and one person can be twice as fast as a trio. She quickly caught up with the three girls from behind, and praised the female educated youth: "Awesome, no wonder the chairman said that the times are different, men and women are the same.". Look, Wen can be a scholar, and Wu can plant seedlings. Baozhen suddenly reacted and exclaimed, "Second sister-in-law, you speak in rhyme. You are also a female scholar." The young women working next to them all laughed. Thump- " There was a loud splash ahead. Yu Qiu raised his eyebrows in surprise, and some people really fell down with laughter. Populus euphratica got up from the field with a sad face and accused the culprit: "This seedling bench is not easy to move. I installed two wheels on it and let it roll in the field." The women in the field were all laughing. Baozhen's aunt is deliberately joking: "Right, right, right, new farmers, you should push a boat to pull seedlings." The crowd laughed even harder. Tian Yu couldn't help shouting to the Populus euphratica: "You put the bench on the side, you see who is still sitting on the bench pulling seedlings ah." It's not a shame. Populus euphratica was all wet, and when the wind blew, he sneezed fiercely. "I'm going to build a rice seedling pulling machine, so I don't need people to pull rice seedlings any more," he stressed. "All right, all right." The oldest woman quickly sent the new farmer away. "This job is not suitable for young men. You'd better go to carry fertilizer and water." "There's a ditch. I'm not lucky." Populus euphratica's face is full of pride, "I want to find out what steps and precautions are needed to pull seedlings, so that I can build a good seedling pulling machine." The laboring people do not count on the rice seedling pulling machine, so they want to send people away: "But the fertile water has to be scooped into the bucket with a urine spoon, which also needs a good strength." Hu Yang stared with round eyes,ultrasonic dispersing machine, as innocent as a child: "Really?"? Then I'll go there first. Fellow women, you are tired first, and I will certainly find a way to build a seedling pulling machine later. 。