For the global film market, 2044 is a year of seemingly ups and downs, but slightly dull. Among the films released before December this year, Black Clouds ranked first in China at the box office, and it is natural that it won these honors. But in addition, China's film market is generally sluggish, and five of the best film nominations for the Golden Phoenix Award are foreign films. After the announcement of the nomination list, Director Xu sent a text message to congratulate Rong Xu. But the old man is a man with a quick mind. On the phone, he also said bluntly, "I didn't expect that we could be nominated for the best actor award.". Rong Xu, add oil, plus the role of Black Cloud, maybe you can win this award. Yes, the total box office of "Silent" is 3.9 billion yuan, although it is the first Chinese literary film in 2044, but compared with previous years, there is no popular literary film with a box office of more than 5 billion yuan like "Disciple" and "Angle Staircase". Director Xu is very confident to hit the Golden Phoenix Award, but what he wants to hit is the Best Director Award and the Best Picture Award, not the Best Actor Award. In many small awards in the second and third tiers, Silent has already won the Best Picture Award, and even Rong Xu has been nominated for the Best Actor Award several times, but these add up to less gold than a Golden Phoenix Award trophy. On the phone, Director Xu carefully told Rong Xu about the preparations for the award, and then when Rong Xu came to the set, he got Jennifer's blessing. But how long, two people put on makeup, has not officially started shooting, Klimans walked to the side of Rong Xu, said: "Congratulations, Rong Xu." Hearing this, the boy raised his lips and said, "Thank you.". Kerry,sonicator homogenizer, I didn't think you knew about this. "I knew," Klimans said with a look of natural surprise in his clear blue eyes as he raised his eyebrows. I heard from Ad last night that your global box office has exceeded nine billion. It's a pity that it doesn't exceed 10 billion, otherwise the box office will definitely be in the top five in the world. Adelika Holt, the old Mr. Holt, was the father of Klimans. Hearing this, the smile on Rong Xu's lips suddenly stopped. He thought for a moment and suddenly understood: "Are you talking about the box office of Makeup?" "Isn't that right?" Asked Klimans, stupefied. At this point, Rong Yan knew the total global box office of "Makeup Flower Luo". One month after its release, "Makeup" was officially removed from the shelves yesterday. At this time, Liu Lao may be having a celebration, and did not call Rong Xu to tell him the specific box office, but Mr. Holt himself is a senior in the circle, has a very high status in the entertainment industry, may get the box office of "Makeup Flower Luo" from other ways, and then tell his son, in order to motivate him. After hesitating for a long time, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic generator driver, he said with a smile, "I think Mr. Liu should be very satisfied with the box office." Klimans raised his lips and said bluntly, "This box office is high enough.". You know, even Mr. Liu can't guarantee that the box office of each film will exceed 5 billion yuan. Any movie with a box office of more than 5 billion yuan is a big hit and must have a certain position in the world. Jennifer laughed, "But it's still not over ten billion.". Otherwise, there will be another movie in Qin's 10 billion movie club. Klimans raised his eyebrows and said, "Qin Cheng?" Jennifer nodded. "Well, he's got six movies in his 10 billion club." Clemans was obviously not very interested in Qin Cheng, but casually said, "It seems that I have made two billion movies," and then turned to other things. Rong Xu and Jennifer took the script and began to play. The two of them have more than a dozen literary plays today, and it's always right to prepare in advance. But for these two people, acting has already gone deep into their bones, and after half an hour of play, they put down the script. On the other side, the explosion team is still preparing props and still hasn't turned on. Rong, in fact, I admire you very much. Your first film earned more than 10 billion yuan at the box office, which is a great achievement. Suddenly came a refreshing female voice, Rong Xu turned to look, only to see Jennifer looking at himself with a smile, seriously said: "I debut so many years, only one movie over 10 billion.". In our crazy Qin group, Wen Xuan has three billion movies, the other words, only me and Hugh, James, have a billion movies. "I can't take all the credit for the box office of Black Cloud. Jennifer, didn't you make a cameo appearance in this movie?" "Don't be modest, Yung," laughed the dashing woman. In any case, such an honor belongs to you. Rong Xu also did not continue on this topic, he asked curiously: "By the way, what is the'crazy-qin 'you just said?"? I don't understand. Jennifer said, "You mean this?"? Oh, yes, my Chinese is not very good. I saw Lin and Wen shouting like this, so I translated it by myself in English. 'crazy-qin 'Is crazy Qin. After a pause, Jennifer tried to correct her pronunciation in Chinese and read it carefully: "It's Qin.." "Wait, Jennifer!!!" "Qin is crazy." Rong Xu: "..." Qin Cheng, who came out of nowhere and stood right behind Jennifer: "..?" The author has something to say: Jennifer: Well, that's crazy Qin ~ Rong Rong:.. Qin Chengcheng: EXM?!! This chapter needs to be watched in conjunction with the previous chapter. The previous chapter has been replaced. Girls, go to see it quickly ~ ~ \ (≦)/~ la la la Chapter 129 The sudden arrival of Qin Cheng caused a small shock in the whole "three thousand two hundred miles" crew. He joined the crew under the guidance of the film producer. Before he officially arrived, Rong Xu did not know, Jennifer did not know, and even film director Clemans did not know that someone would come to visit the crew on this day. As an actor, Qin Cheng is on the verge of perfection, but he is an investor in this crew today. "Three Thousand, Two Hundred Miles" is a hugely expensive film, costing more than eight figures just to rent an entire highway across two States. As the saying goes, money is not too little,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the more the better, when the film post-production special effects, but also spend a lot of money.