The lobby of the inn gradually became lively again, and when these men found that Li Feng was no threat to them, they immediately forgot the existence of Li Feng and shouted to themselves. Gradually, after drinking two or three catties of wine, a man who looked like the leader of a nomadic tribe grabbed his greasy chest and used a wooden bar to pick up the shredded meat between his teeth. He asked, "Hey, Damuning, what's the matter with you recently?"? Come out to patrol every few days. You are the big tent warriors of the Great Khan. If you don't protect the Great Khan in the Wulandui, why do you come out? With a sneer, the man with a golden bear's head embroidered on his cuff grabbed a chicken leg and bit it hard. "Well, it's no big deal," he said vaguely. Damn it, the emissaries sent by the Great Khan of the Golden Horde were afraid of death. They thought our soldiers outside could not protect them well, and they were afraid that the assassins of the southern barbarians would sneak into Ulan Dui, so they wanted our big tent warriors to come out and patrol for them. Damn it, but it's just right. Who dares to eat and drink so happily in Wulandui? Uncle Blackbone, don't you think so? The black-boned uncle laughed: "Golden Horde?"? That is a group of gutless cowards, we Genghis Khan's descendants, should live on the grasslands, they actually went to the Western Regions, where they built cities, are a group of gutless guys. Nan Manzi, come to Wulandui? Are you kidding? Their army was beaten away hundreds of miles away from Wulandui at the most fierce time. Do you dare to come? It seems that both of them are used to talking in Chinese, and when they talk, they don't worry about whether someone will leak their conversation. Perhaps in their view,plastic bottle making machine, these Central Plains people who work hard to find work in the grasslands are not the same people as the Central Plains people they hate. Or they have become used to the presence of these rude men, so they have become careless. Or they think that Wulandui is absolutely safe here, so they become careless. Li Feng sneered in his heart: "Do you dare to say such news in public?"? But this guy didn't say anything useful. A big fellow with a silver wolf head on his cuff waddled up a bowl of wine and went to the table of the Black-bone Bar. He asked vaguely, "Uncle Black-bone Bar, don't you know?"? Chi Meng'er of Gangwuci Department, but he also arrived at Wulandui with twenty thousand troops. Hey, do you know why? The black-bone bar stayed for a long time and exclaimed, "Isn't he still fighting with those southern barbarians on the southern prairie?"? How can he come back? When he comes back, who will protect the people in the south? The big fellow boasted triumphantly, "You don't know that. Chi Meng'er is the first fierce general under the account of the Great Khan and the disciple of the national teacher.". Originally, the Great Khan promised to marry Wang Nu Da Hu Yue Er to Chi Meng Er, but this time, in order to form an alliance with the Golden Horde, water bottling line ,PET blow moulding machine, the Great Khan betrothed Wang Nu to the Great Khan of the Golden Horde. When Chi Menger heard the news, he naturally had to bring people back, so this Wulandui is going to be lively in the next few days. The black bone bar stayed for a long time before he sighed: "These can be in trouble, Chi Meng son's temper, the man on the prairie who does not know?"? He has long regarded Wang Nu as his wife, and now that his wife is going to remarry, he is sure to make trouble. Did he bring twenty thousand troops? The man named Damuning sneered, "What is twenty thousand troops?"? Wulandui has thirty thousand standing soldiers, plus ten thousand elite warriors brought by the envoys of the Golden Horde, isn't Chi Menger obediently relieved of military power? As for our people in the south, there is no need to worry about that. Brother, please explain it to Uncle Black Bone. ” Smiling, the big man with the head of the silver wolf picked up the bowl of wine and drank it down in one gulp. He looked triumphantly at the more than thirty Mongolian men who were gradually surrounding him. He said with a smile, "Brothers, there used to be Zhu Di, the King of Yan, among the southern barbarians. It wasn't me who bragged to the southern barbarians. That guy was really a hero. Every time we fought in the Northern Expedition, we were so embarrassed. Tut.." He filled up the wine with emotion and sat down on the bench. He said with a smile, "Fortunately, our Chi Meng'er brothers are geniuses. With the teaching of Master Ba Ba'er, the army of the Prince of Yan's Mansion was severely taught a lesson last time. They killed tens of thousands of people." The big men of Mongolia cheered, and the merchants sitting in the inn and even the horse thieves and bandits all looked ugly. The big fellow with the head of the silver wolf grinned: "Then, according to the report of our spies who were still in the Southern Dynasty, the southern barbarian changed the emperor to come to power. He was called Zhu Yunwen. Yes, he was called Zhu Yunwen. Heh heh.." The child emperor was afraid that the King of Yan would rob him of the throne, so he ordered to cut down the vassals. Tut, after all, the king of Yan didn't dare to fight with the emperor. At the beginning, he was ready to give up the throne. Who knew that the emperor was going to exterminate him. In three days, he sent more than a dozen masters to assassinate him. As a result, the king of Yan was on fire. As soon as he drank up the wine in his wrist, a big herdsman next to him filled it up courteously. The big man with the head of the silver wolf said enthusiastically, "The King of Yan lost his temper, but it was lively. He reorganized the army, and a guy rebelled. Now the southern barbarians are fighting inside themselves.". The whole north, was originally the territory of the king of Yan, specifically used to deal with our Mongolian heroes, now he wants to fight with the emperor of the southern barbarians, but there is no time to manage us, so they defend Juyongguan, dare not come out. The big fellow triumphantly stood on the bench and said with a smile,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "now we are swaggering in front of the Juyongguan every day. The defenders in their city dare not put a fart. They are afraid that if we break the Juyongguan, they will make a mess of themselves. When our army goes south, the whole Ming Dynasty will be finished." 。