Jinse heart suddenly alert, before he had time to react, he approached in an instant, the person in front of the body suddenly changed, a huge shadow in the dark enveloped, with great wind strength, almost to press through the eardrum, causing the stone walls on both sides of the abyss began to shake. As soon as Jinse gathered his breath, he suddenly retreated. The next moment the dragon claw clapped in front of her feet, and the ground suddenly shook and cracked everywhere. Before Jinse could react, Shen Futing had attacked one after another, giving her no chance to breathe. She suddenly turned to flee, Shen Futing after a blow, hot pursuit, the dragon's breath almost close to her back, feeling particularly clear. His speed is very fast, is a natural hunter, Jinse two legs naturally can not compare with him, feel the breath behind him closer, she immediately threw the embroidery thread in her hand, hooked the raised stone in front of her, climbed the eaves and walked away, but still almost caught by him. The dragon claw caught her skirt and tore a big piece in an instant. Jinse but a few breath then can not stand force, fell back to the ground, although escaped a disaster, but her goal is too big, he caught it is only a matter of time. She secretly gritted her teeth, suddenly jumped forward, instantly turned into a flower skin kitten, the posture of a light landing, fast forward, the speed is like a speeding lightning, I do not know how much faster, attracted Shen Futing to chase more and more closely. The fireflies in the darkness ahead were disturbed and lit up in an instant, flying up lightly, like dandelions scattered by the wind,faux grass wall, scattered in deep caves. Jinse scurried forward, pulled away a little distance, and looked back at him. Under the faint light of the firefly is a black dragon, which is so huge that even his claws are bigger than his own size, and the disparity in strength is too great. Jinse has never seen his original body, did not expect to be such a beautiful dragon. His scales were not dull black, but shining black, and each scale shone with a halo of light under the fireflies all over the sky, and occasionally flashed colorful light, which was very dazzling. No wonder the face skin is so good-looking, this original body is so outstanding, the human form that can not be good-looking? Unfortunately, it was too fierce to see any affection in the longan, as if determined to catch her. Jinse this time a delay, obviously a little slow. When he saw that she was distracted, he immediately pounced on her. The dragon's tail swayed and suddenly hit the surrounding stone wall, causing the abyss to shake and shake endlessly. He thought that the movement of the head was made by him. No wonder it made the spirits so afraid. The power was really terrible. He suddenly rushed, Jinse was almost killed by his claws, large artificial blossom trees ,faux ficus tree, suddenly rushed forward, turned a somersault, rolled forward like a ball, fell very embarrassed, only to escape from his claws. As soon as she got up and saw a gap in front of her, she immediately jumped forward and drilled through the narrow gap. There was a loud bang in the back, but he couldn't get through the gap and hit the stone wall hard. Jinse once out of his clutches, see him can not rush over again, can not help panting, turned to look at him, can only see his huge longan, through the gap staring at her, the eyes are extremely violent. Her heart was so aggrieved that she could not help hissing at him. Unfortunately, even if she was ferocious again, she could not resist whispering too coquettishly and looking too soft. Instead, such a cry attracted people to bully her. The sound was terrible, his eyes narrowed, his eyes suddenly darkened, and he hit this place more and more fiercely, and the roar of the dragon was endless, which made her ears a little unbearable. From the abyss came a shrill cry, full of the howling of beasts, apparently suffering from it. Jinse saw him hit badly, this gap was slightly hit big, no longer care a lot, immediately turned to take a small step to run forward. The deafening roar of the dragon behind him continued, echoing him throughout the abyss, no matter how far Jinse went. She ran for a long time and saw that he did not come after her again, so she found a depression at random and got up. This time, she did not have the kiss and hug in her imagination. Instead, she was chased and killed by him in such a mess. Naturally, she was extremely aggrieved. Look at that appearance still completely do not recognize oneself, Jinse for a moment more and more depressed, closed his eyes and lay down do not want to move. Her original body is as cute as a human form, which people can't help but like at a glance. Her petite and soft body, hairy body, small eyes and sweet voice can easily melt people's hearts and be treated as pets. So she hardly shows herself in front of people, and now the place is dark, but that's all right. It took half a day for the big noise in the abyss to stop a little, and the things hiding in the depths of the darkness had been frightened out of their wits and did not dare to speak out at all. The abyss became quieter and quieter, and the fireflies did not know where to go, leaving only a few floating and sinking, one of which fell gently. As if it was rare to see such a lovely hairy creature as Jinse at the bottom of the abyss, she could not help but quietly fall on the tip of her nose and secretly look at her. Jinse felt the movement, opened her eyes slightly, and was not in the mood to drive her away. She turned her head and looked at the other part of the abyss. It was obviously extremely difficult to look at him. If she was not careful, she might be swallowed by him. Time in the abyss passed very slowly, Jinse lay down feebly for a while, after all, he could not bear to see his mind, got up and walked slowly to his place, carefully and vigilantly walked for half an hour before returning to the original place. The narrow gap that had allowed her to pass through was now very wide, as if it had been knocked open a little, but there was no room for a dragon or a man to pass through. Jinse stood in place for a long time, aware of the subtle movement on the opposite side, not by stepping forward cautiously with his claws, he saw the black dragon in the distance through a huge gap. Really patient, can not pass but also guard this place to wait,fake ficus tree, but as always difficult. With his back to himself, his black scales shone brightly and beautifully, and his long tail swayed gently in front of her eyes. It was so deadly that Jinse could not control his instinct to play with his tail. hacartificialtree.com