Yang Menghuan said, "There are many kinds of martial arts in the Central Plains. They are so profound that we can never learn them all our lives. We don't have to go to India." "" No, "said that man in black, who was in the middle." I must go because of the order of the great national teacher. Yang Menghuan glanced at Li Canglan and said in a low voice, "It's a little strange. What do you think of my father-in-law?" Li Canglan said, "Let's find out what they mean first.." "What do you call yourself?" He said in a loud voice. "My name is King Tieluo," said the man in black in the middle. Yang Menghuan intoned in a low voice, "King Tieluo, what a strange name." "There are four Dharma kings under my great master," said King Tieluo, "and I am one of them." Yang Menghuan secretly said in his heart, Who cares about you, Jin Luo Tie Luo. Then he said in a loud voice, "Where is your great master now?" "Now I am in the Kingdom of Tianzhu," said King Tieluofa. Yang Menghuan said coldly, "Miss Zhu Ruolan is a body of gold and jade. How can she sleep on a long journey and travel to a foreign country? If your great master wants to find her to study, he should come by himself." "No," said Dharma King Tieluo, "I am trying to prove two kinds of Dharma. I can't go on a long journey." Yang Menghuan said, "Miss Zhu can't go either,interactive boards for classrooms, so there's no need to talk about it." King Tieluo suddenly raised his hand, and a man on the left suddenly waved his hand and beat the drum, beating three times. The man in black on the right struck the Gong three times. The sound of drums and gongs is not loud, but it has a gloomy and intimidating feeling. Just as Yang Menghuan was about to ask, he suddenly heard a rustling sound in the stone house. He couldn't help but feel a big shock in his heart. He said to himself, So, those dizzy people are under the control of their drums and gongs. He immediately gathered the True Qi and was on full alert,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, not only to defend against the attack of the three men, but also to pay attention to the changes in the stone chamber. Fortunately, there was a noise in the stone room, and it was silent again. But King Tieluo gave a loud laugh and said, "Give orders to the drums and gongs." Li Canglan coughed lightly and said, "How did His Holiness know that there was this Miss Zhu Ruolan on the Central Plains Road?"? And how do you know she's here? "Tao Yu told us about the Great Master," said King Tieluofa. "How do you know Miss Zhu is here?" Asked Yang Menghuan. "Is that what Tao Yu said?" His Holiness Tieluo shook his head and said, "No, no. His Holiness has found two friends from the Central Plains to bring me here." "Where is that man now?" Asked Yang Menghuan. King Tieluo looked back, shook his head and said, "I don't know where to go." Li Canglan suddenly turned the head of the dragon and said, "Huan, don't ask any more questions. This is Tao Yu's plan to put the blame on him again. These three people have come here and are clearly prepared. It seems that it's hard to give up." Yang Menghuan secretly said in his heart, Zhu Ruolan is hiding behind the stone house, smart board interactive whiteboard ,smartboards for business, and these words must have been heard clearly. The mind turns. Suddenly heard the sound of walking, Zhu Ruolan has slowly walked over, coldly swept the three men in black one eye, way: "I don't know you, Master Tianzhu. What are you looking for me for?" King Tieluo stared at Zhu Ruolan's face for a moment and said, "Are you Zhu Ruolan?" Zhu Ruolan raised her eyebrows and said coldly, "Not bad." Dharma King Tieluo suddenly burst out laughing, like a dragon singing, ringing through the night sky for a long time. "Be careful, Miss," said Li Canglan. "These three men have come with bad intentions." When Yang Menghuan heard him laughing all the time, he was furious. "What's so funny?" He snapped. "Miss Zhu has already appeared. What do you want to say? Why don't you say it quickly?" Dharma King Tieluo stopped laughing and said, "I, Dharma King Tieluo, can find Zhu Ruolan and take him back to India. That's a great feat." "Brother Yang," said Zhu Ruolan, "their drums and gongs seem to be the tools to control those who are dizzy. If you seize their drums and gongs first, maybe you can find some strange things in them. There are many different skills in Tianzhu. Don't go all the way with martial arts. Don't despise them. If you can't seize them, you might as well destroy them." King Tieluo took two steps forward slowly and rolled over in front of Zhu Ruolan. Zhu Ruolan gave a sneer and said, "What are you doing?" "The Great Master has given orders," said King Tieluofa. "When you see the girl, you can't get away with it. My Dharma King would like to see me in Tianzhu for a week and ask the girl for one thing." "What's the matter?" Asked Zhu Ruolan. "Miss," said King Tieluofa, "please go with the king to Tianzhu to see the national teacher." Zhu Ruolan gave a sneer and said, "You talk to yourself and tell that one." "But won't you go, girl?" Asked King Tieluofa. Zhu Ruolan was waiting to answer when she caught a glimpse of Shen Xialin holding a gauze lamp, which came like flying and stopped at Zhu Ruolan's side. Under the bright light, I saw three masked men in black, six cold eyes, all on Zhu Ruolan's body. Zhu Ruolan smiled indifferently and said, "Your teacher sent you to the Central Plains Road. What else do you want to do besides looking for me?" King Tieluo shook his head and said, "I have nothing else to do. I've come to invite you." Zhu Ruolan seemed to be very patient. She slowly looked back at the stone house and said, "Did you hurt those people?" King Tieluo laughed and said, "That's the assistant we sent here in advance." "They were badly hurt," said Zhu Ruolan. "One by one they were in a daze. How could they help you?" "They are not wounded," said King Tieluofa. "They are just under the control of a kind of Taoism. This is the most reliable assistant. You people in your country have always been cunning by nature, but under such circumstances, you can no longer cheat." Zhu Ruolan seemed to be trying her best to use her words to explore the secrets in the mind of King Tieluo. She smiled and said, "I've heard for a long time about your country's wonderful and unfathomable yoga and ecstasy. Come to think of it, these people are all fascinated by your'ecstasy '." "Yes," said King Tieluofa, "you know a lot about our country." Zhu Ruolan said, "I have long heard of the wonders of the cultural relics of your kingdom of India, and I have long had the desire to see them." "That's the best,smartboard for business," said Tieluo Dharma King Pei. "This Dharma King can lead the way." "Your name is King Tieluo," said Zhu Ruolan. "Is that the title of your kingdom of India?" King Tieluo raised his hand and took off his black veil. Under the light held high by Shen Xialin, he saw that his scalp was blue and his face was as long as a horse. He turned out to be a monk. hsdsmartboard.com